Think Big in Joint Ventures

Our DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum Members can earn significant commissions by bringing us business though recruiting new Members, enrolling people in Joint Venture Broker Bootcamps, marketing our products, etc. I recently had a very interesting conversation with a certain Member. His question was not, “How can I recruit a few new Members and make some money?” Instead, he sat down and worked out a plan whereby he could put a Joint Venture in place that would bring in a thousand new Members in three months. This would earn him significant income, as he could negotiate a sliding scale of commissions on such a large number.

His thinking was very significant. He wasn’t thinking about his own database or his local Chamber of Commerce as sources of new Members. He started out thinking about the number of entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide that would benefit from joining the Forum. Millions! Then he thought about all the people in the world who didn’t own businesses, but who would like to join in order to get in touch with people who wanted to do Joint Ventures. Many more millions! So he was thinking big in terms of numbers and money. The key is to start with the big picture. The WHY is much more important than the HOW. Knowing that there is gold in the mountain and that it can make all your financial dreams come true is more important than how to mine the gold.

Having realized the huge potential income available to him, this Member then started thinking about strategies to reach people worldwide with our Joint Venture opportunities, Membership, training and products. By thinking big, he had his priorities and motivation in order. Would you cross a busy street to pick up a penny on the opposite sidewalk? Probably not – it’s a small goal. Would you cross the same street to pick up a bag with a million dollars in it? More likely, right? Big goals drive the process, carry us across the hurdles, keep us motivated and awake and attract a lot of assistance.

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