Time and Money

We’re so fortunate to live in the Information Age, where we can create unprecedented leverage though the technology that is so readily available to all of us. That’s how Google started in a garage with no money and was soon worth billions of dollars. Our old Industrial Age thinking was, “You have to risk a lot to make a lot, you have to spend money to make money, it all takes time”, etc. So we spent many hours risking our money on currency trading schemes or we put our savings into properties as “Real Estate Investors” or bought “Business Opportunities” with hard-earned capital that we seldom recovered. Now we don’t have to do that anymore.

When we realize how much money is lying around, just looking for a good place to grow, how many resources are underutilized and how many people insist on selling their time, it’s like being a kid in a candy store, where everything is free! Enter Joint Ventures. A Joint Venture Broker is like a person who sees a community on an island. He understands that the community wants to travel to the mainland, so he gets a construction company to build a bridge and erect a tollbooth on it. Every time someone drives over the bridge, Cha-ching! The Broker makes money and the construction company makes money. And the commuter is ecstatic, because he can now drive to the mainland! Win / win / win. The JV Broker doesn’t spend money or risk money and it takes very little time to set up these tollbooths.

Now some people prefer to work in a tollbooth instead of owning the tollbooth. Brokers own tollbooths. Employees work in them. Employees sell their time, like mercenaries. They might as well go to prison. The Broker uses his brains and leverages other peoples’ time, money and resources with their permission. There are three requirements for successful, moneymaking Joint Ventures. First, we need to understand the mindset. We need to see the links and learn how to articulate win/win offers. Second, we need access to people who understand the Joint Venture principles, and who are honest in their business dealings. And third, we need to take action. Practice makes perfect. The more we learn how to create value with no cost or risk and very little time, the better we get at it. The more bridges we build between supply and demand, always setting up a percentage of the flow to ourselves, (that’s the tollbooth) the more passive income money machines we build. And there is no limit to how many we can create. One simple introduction can earn you thousands of dollars. Introduce the demand / need to the supply/ solution and take a commission.

Here’s a simple idea you can use. I popped into a coffee shop and saw a wooden box next to the cream and sugar. This box was divided into sections, each containing business cards. A sign on the box said, “Advertise here for $5 per month.” Some JV Broker set this up with a number of coffee shops. He gets paid $5 per month, per section, on each box in each coffee shop. And he pays some of that back to the owners of the coffee shops, of course. He is leveraging the coffee shop’s space and customers. This is very little money, but once you have the system in place, you can pay someone to sell the space, fill the boxes, and collect the money. And you can have boxes in many coffee shops. It adds up. And he builds a database of business with whom he is working, that he can leverage. See photo.

Another good example of this leverage is access to databases. This month, one of my 435 Members showed a Vancouver charity how to earn $20,000 in one day with no cost or risk. They are doing it. Everyone wins. They leveraged their existing database and resources and the Member will make around $7,000 just for setting the JV up. I will also make money. And the charity is very happy. They’re offering my $500 JV Broker Bootcamp for $100! Here’s the good news: we will duplicate this little exercise across Canada. And the Member who set it up will sit at home watching the History Channel (because hard work is history) while he rakes in thousands of dollars from his tollbooth every time the machine runs. I love it! He took two hours to set up this cash register. No cost. No risk. It works.

Robin J. Elliott

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