Trusting Anonymous People with Your Future

Would you let a convicted child rapist mind your toddler? How about asking a known con artist to take care of your accounting and banking? Or letting a drug addict mind your home for you while you’re on holiday? Silly, right?

So why do you do business with anonymous people whom you have never met, refer your clients, who trust and respect you, to unknown “business people” and risk your reputation and savings by dealing with people you find in networking groups or on the Internet, without doing any due diligence? I know of a few confidence tricksters who are very prominent on the Internet and in business, who would steal the milk out of your tea and sell it back to you at a premium, in a heartbeat. In this politically correct world, where people are afraid of being sued or upsetting people, these swine get away with murder – financial murder. There are seminar and course leaders out there who are known for their dishonesty, some of whom who are currently being sued by their victims, and yet people mindlessly flock to work with them. Are people really so desperate?

Just as the Internet is a powerful business tool and resource (DollarMakers controls over 50 websites), we should be careful to do our due diligence before leaping onto the next bandwagon as it flies over the cliff into oblivion, taking your hard-earned money with it. Visit any Franchise Show and watch the lambs being led to the slaughter. It brings tears to ones eyes, knowing the carnage that lies before some of those trusting sheep. Statistically, 87% of them will lose their money. If they were just going to be fleeced of their money, it would be bad enough, but the financial devastation has a ripple effect that destroys marriages, self-esteem, and quality of life. By the way, when you want to buy that “business opportunity”, the people whom you are given to contact as “references” are often the friends and family of the seller, and they’re well paid to lie to you. Did you notice that they’re seldom located in your neck of the woods? Naturally, not every business being offered at a franchise show is bad; some are good, but to find the good ones requires serious due diligence.

The wolves in sheeps’ clothing often disguise their greed and sociopathic motives in the garb of charitable enterprises, help for the underdog, or religious outreach. The people who “benefit” from their largess (your money) are usually very far away, so you have no way of checking up on their pious claims of philanthropy. The same goes for the offshore deals, investments and “tax havens” they sell. They provide a lot of detail, typical of the conman’s strategy, and most of what they say can never be tested. They seldom provide home phone numbers or addresses and they are usually “out of the office” or “traveling” when you need to get hold of them. Especially AFTER they have taken receipt of your money. Their shadowy pasts are usually hidden behind a cloak of window dressing second to none. It’s easy to do on the Internet or in settings where you don’t have time to ask the right questions and the deal they’re offering has the elements of “scarcity” and urgency” carefully built in. The biggest ally of a conman is the mark’s (victim’s) greed and desperation. .

Before you cry yourself to sleep, however, there is a way to avoid being ripped off, disappointed and financially destroyed. Use Joint Ventures, and not your savings, to create wealth. We teach people to do Joint Ventures with literally no money and no risk, so when they don’t work out, nobody gets hurt. And, instead of dealing with faceless felons and unknown usurpers, serial psychopaths and conniving conmen, user your Naturally Existing Economic Relationships or even join a reputable group like our Joint Venture Forum that has hundreds of people around the world who have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and who get fired if they don’t.

See, we have a solution for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. For more information, visit – and check us out on Google, with the Better Business Bureau and any other means at your disposal, before joining us. Read the testimonials. Do your due diligence.

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