Unleash the Power of Joint Ventures in Your Life

We have been programmed to believe that we have to work long and hard and take risks in order to become financially free. We were told, “You have to focus on your core business” and “The higher the risk, the higher the return”. So it’s no wonder that 87% of small businesses fail and that so many of us experience the “Feast or Famine”, ‘Chicken or Feathers” ups and downs of cashflow. We’re thinking Industrial Age when we’re really in the Information Age! I have good news for you. It’s time for a change in your business!

The large Fortune 500 companies all use Joint Ventures – Sony, Pfizer, Disney, you name it. In fact, at least 20% of their income is said to come from JV’s. But only 1% of small businesses understands and uses Joint Ventures. You can radically increase your income in a short amount of time with no cost or risk and very little time, using JV’s. And it doesn’t matter whether you have a business or not! You can start earning real money in the real world, real fast, once you understand this mindset.

When you are focused on selling one product line or service, you are restricted to seasonal highs and lows, perhaps geographical restraints, and also market size restrictions. So when you visit a business networking meeting, for example, you have a small number of potential customers and a very limited income opportunity. If you’re selling your time, like a coach or consultant, you’re even more limited. But what would happen if you could make money from every person in the room? What if all geographical and physical barriers were removed? And what if you had no overhead or cost of sales? That’s what understanding Joint Ventures can do for you.

Instead of trying to rewrite my latest book, let’s discuss just one simple JV idea that you can take away and use immediately in your own life. To put the idea in context, imagine if my physician was to call all his customers or spam them and say, “I have a special on hip replacements this week!” He would never do that. Yet, that is what salespeople do all the time! Instead, my doctor is like a Joint Venture Broker: He examines me, asks many questions, and then directs me to a solution to my problem. He doesn’t have to sell me anything. He doesn’t talk about himself. He is paid for solving my problem. And he doesn’t have to do the work or supply the products himself.

So let’s talk about one of my thirty JV systems: Triangulation. Many years ago, I was training hair and beauty salons to use Joint Ventures to double and quadruple their profits. It took me nine months to get four clients and each one paid me a thousand dollars per month. $4,000 per month after nine months. I gave a talk to a large group of hairstylists and was approached by Maxim Krok, who owned the Redken product rights for that country. He said, “Robin, I want to get my hair care products into more salons and you want to train more salons. Let’s Joint Venture. I will promote you though my sales team, and in exchange you must agree to train only salons that use Redken products.” I agreed, and in four days, my income rocketed to from $4,000 per month to $20,000 per month. It would have taken me four YEARS on my own. With a no cost, no risk JV, it took just four DAYS. Win/win.

Here’s the Triangulation option. (We take a full day to teach all these options, plus ongoing training and support – this is just a taste.) Imagine if you were brand new in the country with no database, no business, no money or reputation and no computer. You could have approached me and said, “Robin, if I get you into more salons, would you pay me 20% of the additional gross revenues?” I would naturally have agreed, because 80% of something is worth more than 100% of nothing. Then you could have talked with Maxim, and asked, “Maxim, if I can get your products into more salons, would you pay me an ongoing percentage of all the sales to that salon?” Maxim is a smart man so he would probably have agreed. (If he didn’t, you could approach his competitors!) Then you would have put me and Maxim together and earned yourself $3,200 per month from me and a large amount from Maxim every month, while you sat at home watching the History Channel. Because, to Joint Venture Brokers, hard work is history!

By creating multiple sources of income from different industries, without spending time and money, using the resources, time, money, credit and products of others, your income in constant, growing, regular and 100% profit. You remove all the barriers and income spikes I spoke of earlier, take away the risk and worry, reduce your overhead and have fun. This is the power of Joint Ventures that you can unleash in your life today. There is no limit to what you can achieve once you acquire the Joint Venture Mindset. And we have over 400 Members of the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum who understand JV’s and are looking for more people to do JV’s with!

If you would like more information, free downloads, podcasts and more, visit my website: www.DollarMakers.com Let’s create the future you deserve. Together, we can do amazing things.

Robin J. Elliott

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