Victim Or Victor by Robin J Elliott

Here’s a quick way to tell if you see yourself as a victim or as a victor. After all, there are only two choices: Victim or Victor. Loser or Winner. If you think your circumstances dictate your income and level of success, you’re like the losers that write in to – all whining that it’s so tough to immigrate, that Canada is so hard on them, that it’s all so unfair. I’m also an immigrant and I have news for you: try immigrating to Zimbabwe or South Africa and see how much welfare and free medical you get there, if you don’t join the 400 people who are murdered in South Africa every day. If it’s so hard, why don’t you pack your stuff and go home? I’ll tell you why – because you know it’s better in Canada! Nobody asked you to come to Canada. Go home. It’s not about where you are; it’s all about WHO you are.

If you think American business is nasty because they’re outsourcing your job to people in third world countries, perhaps you should think about why you can’t get a better job after living in the richest and most successful country in the world all your life. It’s an indictment on YOU, not on profit conscious businesses that you probably own shares in! Have you noticed that people actually die trying to get into North America? Put down the cigarette and beer, look in the mirror, point at yourself and say, “LOOOOSER!” Play the blame game as much as you like, but the real problem lives right under your comb-over.

If you are wont to shoot the messenger, blame the weather, wallow in self pity and talk about life being unfair, you see yourself as a victim. Now the good news is that you’re not really a victim, you’re just choosing to see yourself as one. And, while you believe you’re a victim, you will continue to lose out on all the wonderful opportunities around you! If you live in North America you are one lucky character and it’s about time you realized it. Instead of being angry at immigrants because they’re prepared to do jobs that you don’t like doing, be grateful that you can get cheap labor! I’m so glad I can afford to have someone come in and clean my apartment while Rika and I settle down to make some real money.

I was fortunate to be in business with an extremely successful East Indian in South Africa. One day he said to me, “Thank God for Apartheid. They wouldn’t give us East Indians jobs, so we got into our own businesses and made lots of money. If it weren’t for Apartheid we’d be poor civil servant suckers!” Immigrants who see themselves as victims choose to drive cabs. Immigrants who see themselves as victors start businesses and get to their golf clubs in cabs driven by their countrymen. When you get downsized, you can decide to be a victor and have an Independence Day party, start your own business and get rich, or you can feel sorry for yourself, get all bitter and twisted and cry yourself to sleep like a big baby. Your choice.

Now that I have your attention, here’s the truth: You are whatever you decide you are. Instantly. If you decide that, from now on, you will see yourself as a winner, a victor, and a warrior who is unstoppable and powerful, you will start winning in a big way. When you hit a detour or a bump in the road, you will be so focused on your exciting goals that you’ll hardly notice it. You will attract strong, enthusiastic, ambitious, generous people into your life. The losers will run away fast. The sun will shine brighter and all sorts of new opportunities will start to reveal themselves to you. You ARE a victor. I know that. It’s about time that you accepted it, too.

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