What is Your Motto?

What is your motto for your life? The Elliott Family Crest contains the Motto, “Fortiter Et Rechte” – Bravely and Truly. My person Motto is “Freedom at Any Cost”. Your Motto tells you a lot about yourself, your values, purpose and beliefs, your goals and your philosophy. And using your Motto correctly can empower and revitalize your life. When I come home the first thing I see on the wall is the Elliott Crest and my Father’s ceremonial Air Force dagger. It reminds me of my Warrior mindset, the love and support of my family and my Motto. There are some really motivating and inspiring Mottos out there, especially military Mottos. Look at these:

The Pain is Temporary; The Pride is Forever (Israeli Military)

Who Dares Wins (English SAS)

Through Adversity to the Stars (Canadian Air force)

Fortune Favors the Brave (American 3rd Marine Regiment)

A Motto that is displayed, remembered and honored will help to focus and ground you. How would you feel if you were entering a difficult situation and you repeated your Motto, “Any Time, Anywhere, Any Weather” (USS Salamonie) – would you be more resolute? Would you be more determined? How about, “Do Right, Fear No one” (Norwegian Artillery)? If you were to repeat your Motto on a regular basis, it would undergird and encourage you. What about creating a wall plaque, a desk sign, a banner, a screensaver, an e-mail signature with a strong Motto that really worked for you? It would tell the world a lot about you as well, of course. (When I see some loser wearing a marijuana leaf pendant, I know exactly what his Motto is.) Here are some you might want to consider for yourself:

Can and Will

Deeds not Words

Rise Above the Rest

Yield to None

The Higher I Climb, the More Gallant I Am

Bound to Win

Hard as a Rock

If you’re religious, here’s an opportunity to use your favorite verse, like “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” One of my mentors, whenever you asked him how he was, would reply, “I’m Happy, Healthy and Successful.” Isn’t that great? What you say and believe becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum Motto is “Together, we do amazing things.” What do you call yourself? I’m the Prophet of Profit.

Let’s use this powerful motivational tool – it’s free!

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