Who Would You Buy From?

These days, we’re inundated with choices. I can view 40 live movie channels on an airplane, 200 TV channels at home. As fast as I can click the remote control or my computer mouse, I can be offered yet another choice. 50 different breakfast cereals, a million realtors, insurance salespeople, restaurants, service providers. How do you choose the right one? Is it really all about price and quality?

I recently had a friend approach me who wants a website. He has very limited money to invest, so I talked with one of the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum Members who does websites at an unusually reasonable price through his organization. He offers a really great deal. But did I refer my friend because he can get an excellent, e-commerce web site that allows him to make changes, create new pages, change text, add images, add HTML, flash, mp3’s for sound and video with full, free support and 500 mb’s of space, all for just $799 and only $49.99 per month?

NO. I referred him because I like and trust this webmaster. And why do I like and trust him? Because he does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it, on time and in a professional manner. No hidden costs, no nonsense. He has a positive, optimistic, helpful attitude and he knows his stuff. I can refer my friend to him with the peace of mind of knowing that he will be well looked after and taken care of. My choice was based 20% on price, product and professionalism, but 80% on the PERSON whom I chose to refer to my friend.

Relationship comes before business. Joint Ventures should be based on people, trust, integrity and personality, rather than the quick buck. Perhaps we should spend more time on assessing people than on evaluating their products and services. The foundation of a good business choice is a strong, trusting relationship. Perhaps we should get back to basics. That will make our choices easier. Earn the right to doing business. Sow before you reap. Walk your talk. Or your competitor will eat you alive. Find good people who abide by a Code of Ethics at the Joint Venture Forum.

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