Why Do People Buy From You

Why Do People Buy from You? (Or not)

Let’s consider two people who both have access to the same products and services, the same training, the same market, the same promotional and marketing tools and the same support. One makes a fortune and the other one sells nothing. The one who sells nothing thinks people don’t want the product or service. He complains that it’s the wrong price, wrong season, wrong product. He whimpers that he “tried his best” and that he “can’t force people to buy”. The product is the wrong color, there’s a spelling mistake in the brochure, it rained on Wednesday, people have no money… He has many excuses for his failure to sell, while the other goes from strength to strength. What happened? I’ll tell you.

It has nothing to do with the sales techniques, prospects, pricing, features, weather, government, or support. If one other person is successfully selling it in the same market, it works. It has very little to do with anything else except YOU. Here is what makes the difference. First of all, the product or service has to be working for YOU. If you haven’t made it work in your own life, you might not believe in it. Or you won’t have the same passion and belief. You certainly won’t be very enthusiastic about it. However, if you threw yourself into it with wild abandon, full focus and absolute commitment, it would be hard to fail. Your level of confidence would go through the roof. You would radiate success. And people would buy.

People buy YOU before they buy any product or service. Enthusiasm is contagious. When you are absolutely convinced, sold, passionate, enthusiastic and confident about what you’re offering, it’s hard NOT to sell. How do you increase your level of confidence, excitement and zeal? I will use an example of a real life case study in my own business to illustrate this. The good news is that the turnaround can be very quick, depending on how badly the “salesperson” wants to succeed. The fact is, when you’re on track, you don’t need to sell – you just introduce the option and people will buy!

“Tom” approached me about making a solid, regular, increasing income from DollarMakers. He had tried introducing a few friends but his approach was weak, tentative, and uninformed. He wasn’t very confident or excited. I suggested he takes the time to read all the articles on my Blog and listen to all the podcasts on DollarMakers.com and immerse himself in the information available on the websites, read my book and attend all the Members Meetings and Members Conference Calls. I told him to get involved and make the time to commit fully. His confidence started increasing along with his self-esteem. He knew the product. He understood why people needed it. He believed in it. He started finding Joint Ventures coming to him. He started making money. When he spoke about the Forum and what we have to offer, he did so with conviction and power. His sales soared. We sell what we are. When we transmit success, we attract good people. People want to be around successful people.

Sales are about conviction, commitment, and enthusiasm. It’s about projection, sincerity, and belief. YOU determine your sales and nobody else. That’s good news, because it means that you can change the results you’ve been getting!

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