Why You Are Not Making Money from Joint Ventures

You might be aware of the well-known study, in which twenty insurance salesmen were sent out to sell insurance by cold calling in the same neighborhood. The first team of ten was highly trained and sophisticated, very well presented and asked to cold call in the neighborhood by knocking on doors.

The second team of ten was badly trained, badly dressed, and badly groomed. They were told to knock on at least fifty doors a day and ask each prospect, “You wouldn’t be interested in buying any insurance, would you?”

The second team outsold the first team by far. That’s right; those badly dressed salesmen who asked a stupid question sold much more insurance than their suave, slick counterparts. Why? Because the “good” salesmen didn’t knock on nearly as many doors as the “bad” salesmen. ACTION overlooks many sins. I imagine the “bad” salespeople learnt a lot as they went along, learning what body language worked, and developing their confidence every time someone actually bought from them.

I recently had someone call me and whine that he wasn’t making money from Joint Ventures, even though he had attended some of my training. Upon questioning, I learnt that his goal was to make $150,000 a year from Joint Ventures (he had no experience in JV’s) and that he actually spent less than two hours a day working on JV’s. In the beginning, you have to work and practice, so that you can learn. This loser was blaming everybody and everything except himself, whereas a good look in the mirror would show him a lazy man. His problem is not his tools or his training but his torpor. His own indolence robs him of success.

The biggest reason why you are not making a truckload of money from Joint Ventures is LACK OF ACTION. Laziness. Slothfulness. No work. The more you see, the more you sell. But you also gain knowledge and experience from all the things that don’t work, and you learn not to take “rejection” personally. The most successful entrepreneurs I know continually fail on many projects, but the ones that succeed make us rich. The difference is that we WORK. We follow up. We do whatever it takes. We do what we promise. We take responsibility. We don’t make excuses, blame our tools or procrastinate. We make decisions fast and we take massive action on many fronts. We are reliable and available.

So, if you’re not getting the results you want, double the action you take. Then double it again. Get advice from successful people and then DO what they tell you to do. Do more than anybody else, and you’ll GET more than anybody else. Joint Ventures give you maximum leverage and take very little time. You can work with no cost or risk. But you have to WORK. Work more. Work harder. Stop whining and making excuses. When you make your breakthrough, it will be INTERNAL – in your mind, your level of understanding, your skills, your self-esteem, your confidence. And your success ratio will increase. Think about this: if you had only one JV that you were working on and it didn’t succeed, how would you feel? If you had twenty that you were working on simultaneously and one didn’t work, how would you feel now?

Sow sparingly and you will reap sparingly, if at all. Sow massively and you can’t lose. Get off the couch, out of bed and away from the television and get to work. You’ll be so glad you did. There is magic in action. Here’s the good news for the lazy ones: The more action you take, the better you get, until you’re so good that you can get a lot more results with much less work. Then you can work less and earn more. I know we say you must “sharpen the axe” – hone your skills – but you have to actually USE the axe in between the sharpening / seminars / courses and books. Joint Ventures are the key to riches. Don’t throw away the key because you haven’t taken the time and done the work to learn how to use it. Stop whining and start working.

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