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Someone who has earned $5,000 per month for the past eight years might find it hard to believe that he could earn $20,000 per month. Anyone’s perspective in terms of abundance or scarcity is usually an entrenched belief system that requires new evidence to shift. And until that shift is made and one believes that abundance is a real possibility, nothing will happen. A person won’t go out with a wheelbarrow to collect acorns if he believes there are only three acorns under the trees. And once he has picked up those three acorns, he will walk away from the hundred thousand other acorns lying there, because he doesn’t even notice them.

Last week, I bought a new pair of spectacles. I can’t believe how much my sight has deteriorated over the past few years. I have been missing out on so much! I now see a lot of detail and things that I was previously completely unaware of. I decided to offer you a pair of Abundance Spectacles in this article.

As a Joint Venture Broker, I get paid for creating value, by linking supply with demand. The more value I create, the more I get paid. If I can help ten people to get what they want, I will be paid commissions on the resulting transactions. If I can help a hundred thousand people to get what they want, I will earn a lot more money. There is no limit, except in my own head, especially since brokering a deal involves no cost or risk to me and it takes very little time. Tens of thousands of cars cross the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver every day. If I had just one dollar from each of those cars, every day, I would make tens of thousands of dollars every day. That’s how toll booths work. When I connect people with a supply of products or services, I get paid on all resulting transactions. How many people can I connect?

There are 30 million people in Canada, 30 million people in California, 60 million people in the UK, 300 million in the US. They all have needs and wants and you can make money by simply connecting them with solutions. Millions of people in Canada have access to lines of credit. I can show you a way to legitimately earn 6% per year on their lines of credit. That means that you could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from other people’s bank’s money. Honestly. And help them to do the same in the process. Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want out of life, if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.” That means you just have to link enough people up with the solutions to their problems and the means to reaching their goals. By using and leveraging other people’s resources, access, money, products and services, you remove the limitations to earning. The secret to abundance is the removal of barriers, both mental and physical, and then linking supply and demand. Build a bridge between the vendor and the customer and you become the toll booth. No cost, no risk, very little time.

All you have to do is gain access to those people. How can you reach thousands of people without risky, costly advertising? Through other people. If you know or find someone who has access to, control of, the trust of and relationship with thousands of other people, that person can afford you access to that database. There are millions of those people.

That’s how I do business – through other peoples’ connections, resources and access. You don’t need resources – use other peoples’ resources in a win/win, Joint Venture process. If you can find just twenty “Centers of Influence” – that is people who have large databases – and give them a good reason to promote your offer to their people, you can reach thousands of people. By paying generous commissions and sharing the wealth, you can reach millions of people. By solving their problems, you can make millions of dollars. How long does it take? That depends on how fast and passionately you can work. We live in the Information Age. The Internet is real. Communication is faster, easier and cheaper than ever before. The world is at your feet.

Your background, education, age and circumstances are no barrier to your earning capacity. The only barrier is mental. By changing the way we look at the world from a scarcity perspective to an abundance perspective, we change our beliefs and expectations and therefore our choices and actions. And then we start to reap accordingly. It’s a simple process.

Do you “Think Big”? How big is your big? If you expect to earn $5,000, you won’t earn any more than that. If you wonder how to earn $50,000, you’ll open up new vistas of opportunity within your own brain’s Reticular Activating System. If I want to build a bridge to carry cars, I won’t build a flimsy structure that can only carry the weight of a few pedestrians. When you set high goals, you attract people with higher expectations and greater ambition. You set your own standards. You decide what you want and then you decide to create that reality. It’s just as easy to earn $20,000 per month as it is to earn $5,000 per month. It’s just a shift in perspective. Through the use of back-end income in Joint Ventures, the sky’s the limit. You can create multiple sources of increasing, passive income that exceed your wildest dreams. There are billions of dollars out there. Billions of people around the world. Billions of transactions and opportunities.

Where do you start? First, remove the judge’s robes and decide how much you want and how badly you want it. Then, decide what you’re prepared to do in order to get it. If you want it so badly that you’re prepared to work 24/7, walk naked and barefoot over broken glass with your hair on fire and change your thinking, doing whatever it takes, you’re on track. The WHY is much more important than the HOW. If your WHY is big enough, the HOW is relatively unimportant. You must know why you want what you say you want. On a scale of one to ten, one being “I don’t care” and ten being “Whatever it takes”, I’m looking for people on a level twelve: serious, motivated, committed, focused and hungry.

Third, get the training you need. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from experts. And make sure they really are experts before you learn from them. If you want to get onto the fast track to abundance, get trained. More information at

Fourth and finally, take massive, consistent, persistent, focused action. And don’t even think of quitting until you reach your goal. The world is your oyster. It’s waiting for you.

Robin J. Elliott

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