Your Life and Business is an Echo

When you’re in the mountains and you shout, “I am a Winner!” the echo comes back, “I am a Winner!” and when you shout, “I am a Loser!” the echo comes back, “I am a Loser!” Whatever you shout comes back. I often meet people whom I call “Excusiologists”. They don’t realize that their life and business is their own creation. They make excuses and blame others for their challenges and shortcomings. When faced with difficulties, instead of getting better, they get bitter. The fact is, whatever your present circumstances, YOU created them. They are merely an echo of your choices in life.

That’s good news, because just as you created your circumstances, you can change them. YOU control the echo. You control the way in which you interpret the challenges facing you. You either say, “I can’t handle this”, in which case life will agree with you and you will fail again, or you can say, “No problem – I can easily handle this” and life will behave exactly as ordered.

Your attitude determines your altitude. Change your thinking and your attitude, take responsibility and start winning. Remember that the word, “RESPONSIBILITY” means your ability to respond to your life in any way you choose. It’s your choice. Even when things happen that you didn’t cause, you can still choose how you will respond.

By aligning yourself with successful, motivated people, it is much easier to change your behavior and make better choices, resulting in good echoes. Take charge of your life. Get out of the passenger seat and the retrace and take the wheel. Determine that you will create the life you want, starting today. It’s never too late!

Don't Quit.

Don't quit when the tide is lowest,

For it's just about to turn;

Don't Quit over doubts and questions,

For there's something you may learn.

Don't quit when the night is darkest,For it's just a while 'til dawn;

Don't quit when you've run the farthest,

For the race is almost won.

Don't quit when the hill is steepest,

For your goal is almost nigh;

Don't quit, for you're not a failure

Until you fail to try.

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