Internet Marketing Tip: Identifying Your Target Market

A great internet marketing tip: Answer the questions; Who are the people out looking for you? What do you know about them? What are they doing to find you? What are they looking for? What problems do they have that they are willing to spend money to solve? These are the questions that should consume you.

Marketing is about people. The health of your business depends on how well you know the people who are looking for you and how well you capture their attention once you find them?

So who are they? How can you get to know them? How do you easily find them? This is a process about questions. And here we will ask a whole bunch of good ones.

Create a profile of your ideal customer. The best way to start is to imagine a favorite customer that you have right now. Use what you know about this great person to answer the following questions:

* What is the age range of your target market?

* What do they do for a living?

* How much money do they make?

* What are their interests and hobbies?

* How does your ideal customer see themselves?

* Where do they eat?

* What do they wear?

* Married or not?

* What are their problems and frustrations?

* Now for the most critical question, where can you find them easily online?

On the internet we have an amazing opportunity to get to answers very quickly.

You can go to the various online groups, blogs and forums to find your people. Once you are there, you can actually ask the experts on your business: Your target market.

Make a point of getting to know these people. They have something important for you: the keys to your business success! These are the people who are out looking for you. What are they looking for? How are they frustrated? What are they spending money on?

By hanging out in forums, groups and blogs you can not only find the answers to these questions, you can learn the language to use when you go to market to them. This language becomes the backbone of your sales letters, emails and marketing pieces when you go to offer a solution in the form of a product.


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