Working with Confidence

People aren’t just born with confidence - but the good news is that confidence can be built. Confidence gets built when you receive constructive reinforcement and there are positive expectations from those around you. Surround yourself with positive people who will help you develop.

Confidence grows as you challenge yourself one step at a time.

You have an inner voice and it can be positive or negative. You can listen to your negative voice (‘I can’t do it’) or you can develop a positive inner voice which recognizes that it is difficult but you will do it step by step. This is where coaching a business owner or leader is so important. Your coach will positively reinforce what you are doing and also help you achieve it. You will work together and co-create your goals step by step. Achievement then follows – bit by bit – and with each achievement along the way comes growing confidence. So staying positive and taking active steps forward leads to greater self-confidence.

Confidence is vital to any business venture. It makes you positive about yourself and enables you to get through your action steps. Confidence also gives you a much better ability to deal with difficult situations. You are able to see them more clearly and be more objective about how to manage them. You can then develop the ability to speak out and voice truthful opinions. Confidence goes hand in hand with self-awareness – the better you know yourself, the more able you are to utilise your own talents to their best.

Important things to remember:

• don't listen to your negative voice

• challenge yourself to change your negative voice to positive

• replace messages that aren’t useful with ones that help move you forward

• put yourself in a position that reinforces your positive inner voice

• work with a Moving Forward Business Coach who will have you achieving and being confident in what you do and interacting with others positively.

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