Sustainability Growth and Talent Are Key

In order to secure their continual success, leaders and their organizations must do three things. First, they must ensure Sustainability – which involves maintaining and securing the present day-to-day discipline of running the organization and applying sound business principles. Second, they must ensure Growth – which involves having innovation, drive, determination and focusing on the future. Growth is vital to our collective prosperity. Growth is the great elixir. Every person, department, company and economy must grow if prosperity is going to be realized. This is the major polarity we face – disciplined sustainability and innovative growth. It is not a matter of stopping the train and taking the time to redesign the tracks ahead. It is keeping the train going while anticipating when and where the next switch will be thrown that will keep the organization going along the best right-of-way.

We cannot simply slow down or stop what we are doing today, in order to focus exclusively on the future. We must at the same time; both secure our present and develop people and processes for our future growth. This dual focus requires that each member of the organization develop the mind-set and skill-set that allows them to strike a balance of performing daily requirements with excellence, while still being able to change and transform for the future. All stakeholders need to be thinking and driving toward the big picture, while still mastering the details. With this objective in mind, the organization must also build a dream team of talent. This allows the organization to be both compliance (sustainable) and performance (growth) oriented.

For this to become reality, an organization must build a Super Bowl quality team, which is – effectively led (coached), employs the right talented people (players) in the right jobs (positions) with the best skills (talents), and who know and can execute (the game plan). No organization can continue to prosper and grow without having the right people in the right jobs. Quoting Jack Welch of GE fame, “Winning is about having the best people on your team. It doesn’t help if you’re surrounded by people who are less talented than you are.” So much of leadership is about accomplishing results through others. The building of a great team starts with developing great leadership or a “great coaching staff” – a staff that gets rewarded for building a great, high performance team.

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