The perfect business opportunity for "introverts" - People that hate selling

Now there is hope for people that hate to do sales.There are millions of people that would like to get involved in the most lucrative business available today - network marketing. The only thing that keep them from getting involved is the sales aspect.Business "introverts" don't like to pick up a phone and phone people to try and sell something. Funny enough,network marketing is the top home based business opportunity for introverts today.Why ? Because there are now Internet marketing systems available that will enable you to draw people to you business without calling them or without doing any sales pitches.So,if you think that you are to shy or that you don't have what it takes,look again ! Luckily there are plenty of network marketing opportunities that are great for introverted people.The reason : the system is turnkey and automated. This allows you to focus your time and energy to build your Internet business instead of trying to source prospects and try to sell to them.The network marketing opportunities today are much different than 5 years ago.Garage parties,door to door sales,cold calling or hype meetings are "last year" and very outdated.You only deal with people when they contact you and the best thing is that you can do everything through email and Skype.As you can see,the prospecting is 100% automated.A typical workday for you is to sit in the comfort of your own home and to spend time building your business on the Internet. The commissions paid at some top tier direct sales companies are extremely high.This eliminates the fact that you have to build a huge down-line to make some money each month. You can now focus your time on the quality of your business rather than phoning around trying to fill your down-line with hundreds of people.Your mission would be to attract people with your marketing skills rather trying to sell them something.People don't like to be sold.If you follow the system step by step and use your own personality and creativity to improve and grow your business ,then you would automatically attract people to what you have to offer.You are now in the position to choose who you want to do business with instead of begging people to purchase products from you which is any ones dream....introvert or not. There is hope for people that hate selling and prospecting The simple solution is to find a system that you are comfortable with,make sure that no calling and prospecting are required.Another good idea is to make sure that the system offers good quality training and trustworthy support.Last but not least,make sure that it is Internet based.Most introverts would like to sit in the comfort of their own homes and make money by spending time on the Internet,not out in the streets knocking on doors for business.

Author:. - Rohan Rossouw is a professional internet marketer, business coach and mentor that assists entrepreneurs to plug into his system in order to build a profitable online business over time.This revolutionary system can be found at

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