Shotgun Vs. Rifle Approach

Too often we shot gun versus rifle our day. When we try to accomplish too many tasks in one day, we are seldom effective at very many of them. The more scattered your plans, the less effective you will appear and appearance most likely will mirror reality. With the shotgun approach, a person tends to run from activity to activity quickly, but never really accomplishing any one project well.

The key to having a successful week is to carefully plan a realistic list of activities for each day, with specific objectives, and rank them from the most important to the least important. Then check off each item as you work through the list, accomplishing as many as you feasibly can per day.

You will be surprised how much more you can accomplish when you use the rifle approach to planning instead of the shotgun.

Which weapon best describes the way you structure your day…shotgun or rifle?

Choose your weapon wisely!


Ron Edmondson is the pastor and planter of Grace Community Church ( and the founder of Mustard Seed Ministry Ron blogs regularly on leadership, family and church. Ron and his wife Cheryl have two sons, Jeremy, 21 and Nathaniel, 18

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