Simple Strategy Plan

Do you struggle to make “next level” decisions to improve your organization or area of responsibility?The following is a simple, quick and easy strategy or decision making formula to help you brainstorm next steps to take towards achieving greater success.

First, ask yourself:

What does “excellent” look like in your area of responsibility?

Once you’ve defined success, then;

On scale of 1 to 10 rate your area of responsibility or organization for excellence.

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your performance in achieving excellence.


What would improvement look like in your organization or area of responsibility?

(What would make your area or organization better?)

List those items as specifically as possible.

Based on the areas of improvement listed, ask yourself:

What can you do now to improve?DO IT

What can’t you do right now to improve?

Don’t give up, now ask yourself:

What can others do?Delegate.

What will you be able to do someday?Prepare and wait.

What will you never be able to do?Drop it and move on.


Ron Edmondson is the pastor and planter of Grace Community Church ( and the founder of Mustard Seed Ministry Ron blogs regularly on leadership, family and church. Ron and his wife Cheryl have two sons, Jeremy, 21 and Nathaniel, 18

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