Is what you are doing Important?

Is what you are doing important? I was recently at the conference called SANG for Speakers and Networking Group (SANG) and they were high powered speakers and professional business people from all over the world there. These are high achievers. It is really fascinating to me because one of the things I noticed about nearly everyone in the group is that they were very quick to make a decision. A lot of business was being created in that room. A lot of joint ventures were being identified and a lot of opportunities to do business were being identified. They made it happen.

I recently hooked up with one gentleman in New Jersey and I was telling him about my Sales and Marketing Advisory board. He is in real estate and he said to me. I want you to flight in New Jersey because I want you to put a group together for us. I want to be a part of it. It took him 30 seconds to decide.

I told him I will do that but I need some help building a group because I don't know any businesses in New Jersey. All he said was "I can help with that." As we talk more, I realized the real benefit to him and his company is for him to license my Sales and Advisory Board process he would be able to support his real estate clients as a follow-on support coaching session.

He's got a potential gold mine there. His only question to me after the short discussion was, "send me the contract and let's take a look at it."

People care about what you do as long as you care about what you do.

One of the things that you really need to understand is that when you're confident and you know where you're going and what you want to do, making a decision is very easy. A lot of the people who over think it, do so because they are not clear about their goals. They are not clear about the outcomes that they want to experience in their business and in their life.

If you are hesitating about making a decision, the question then is more important than the opportunity. The question is: What are the outcomes that you want to create (in your business or in your life) so you can identify good opportunity when you see it.

Author:. Ron Finklestein Small Business Success Expert 330-990-0788 Ronald Finklestein, President of RPF GROUP INC, small business success expert, business coach, consultant, speaker, author, and trainer, has published three business books: 49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales, Nine Principles for Inspired Action and The Platinum Rule to Small Business Mastery. Order your free eBook called Six Questions Your Prospects Want ...

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