What is Your Intelligent Self-interest

Intelligence self interest. I teach all my, my clients the nine principles, the nine behavior such success for people implement daily because they work and we get results. And because I work with so many people, I\'m constantly learning and evolving in these nine principles in myself and my clients. The one I want to talk about today is intelligence self interest. Intelligence self interest is simply defined is understanding what is in my best interest with an intent to choose and take action. And what I\'m saying is some very powerful outcomes happen when people really embraces intelligence self interest: you learn to say no.

You learn to say no, not from a better vindictive perspective but just a statement and a fact. A simple no thank you or it is not consistent with my business plan.

And it\'s done as much as a loving gesture because to say anything else. A firm but polite \"no\" to somebody who\'s asking for something that you\'re not prepared to give is far more loving than telling them you\'ll think about it and dragging is on for 6-12 months while hoping they will go away.

What intelligent and self interest allows you to do is be honest with another person, to speak from the heart, to speak with I like to think of this integrity. I define integrity as doing what you say or going to do, when you say you\'re going to do it. This allows you to define the rules of the relationship.

Intelligence self interest allows you to define those rules very clearly and people can agree to play by your rule or they can say that's not for me and create their own rules. And that\'s what\'s cool because you begin to understand that as you get clear on what's important to you, you start attracting to you the right people that appeal to you. You start attracting to you the people that can help you. You start attracting to do the people that see value in what you do and they will pay for your products and services.

Take some time and develop your own intelligence self interest. Most of us know what it is, we just don\'t give our self permission to even think about it, or allow it to manifest. So trust yourself, know that you know the right thing to do and explore develop and implement your intelligence self interest.


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