MLM Lead Generation Draining the Bank? Get Your Leads For Free!

MLM Lead Generation is all about putting known techniques and strategies into action. I am going to focus this article on how to generate leads using online methods only. Getting leads from the internet is very scientific and is available to nearly everyone. The online methods of MLM lead generation are far more dependent on taking action rather than skill alone. If you do the steps, you will have results. As you become more familiar with the steps, they will become easier and faster as you move forward.

The fastest way to create MLM lead generation is through paid advertising. This could be pay per click ads, banner ads, paid press releases, and so on. This form of lead generation can become very costly in a short period of time. If you are new to marketing an MLM on the internet, I suggest you proceed with paid advertising with extreme caution. PPC campaigns alone can exceed $1000 per month if you do not take proper precautions. If money is not an issue, then go for it. If it is, I suggest you become familiar with the free MLM lead generation strategies first, and then venture into paid marketing later.

Free MLM lead generation techniques include but are not limited to article marketing, video marketing, free press releases, Search Engine Optimization or SEO which all help with organic search ranking. It is a proven fact that the top two or three web sites that show up in the organic search receive far more clicks than any other sites, including sites participating in paid advertising.

Two things occur with free marketing strategies. An example would be article marketing and video marketing. They perform two key functions. The first would be to put your content out on the web in so many places that people will find it, be interested, and then be directed back to your main site. The other is for the search engines to see how many links are pointing to your site (backlinks), and give your site a higher value or page rank. So the idea would be to get as much of your content out on the web as possible. Special software tools exist that can save you tons of time doing this. I have tried several so I have some suggestions on my site that will save you time and money.

The most overlooked MLM lead generation method is SEO. This method does take research but it is absolutely mandatory. You want your site to be easily found and indexed by the search engines. You will need to do some keyword research to determine which ones best identify your content, but it will pay off big over time. I can’t possibly cover all of the issues with SEO but the web is full of information on this. If you are short on time and have the money, you can hire this out. I have a suggestion for this also.

After you become familiar with the free MLM lead generation strategies, you will be able to make you paid lead generation methods far more effective and less costly.

I hope this helps you out some. If you have any more questions on MLM lead generation, contact me at my blog.


Thanks, Ron Knighton
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