What Exactly is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a regular publication, which provides interesting information to a defined group of people. Its main purpose is to communicate an idea or concept using compelling and visual writing.

This definition is the core of what a newsletter actually is. From this core emerges two subgroups:

1.Paper and ink newsletters.

2.On-line newsletters.

Isn't this exciting stuff? Anyway, I am going to cover on-line publications later in the course, but to keep things simple I am going to concentrate on paper and ink newsletters.

The ideas and strategies are exactly the same for both. The only difference is that paper and ink newsletters are slightly more expensive to make. (The cost of the paper, the envelope and the stamp.) Right then, in a moment I am going to launch into the essential rules for creating a successful newsletter. After all, that's what you've been patiently waiting for isn't it? Before I do, I want to make something clear to you. It is this...

You Can Write And Design Your Newsletter However You Damn Well Please!

I am not going to order you about here. There are no hard and fast rules of newsletter writing. What I'm going to teach you are strategies that are common for all successful newsletters. I am going to show you guide-lines, which I advise you to stick to when writing and designing your newsletter.

When you've got your head round these guide-lines, then you can be a little wild and a little 'we-hey' if you want. My advice is to take it all in, let it stew for a while and then see what your imagination comes up with. Always follow your gut feelings. This is important to remember as these feelings will make your newsletter unique, which is a characteristic of a successful newsletter.

More Benefits Of Writing A Newsletter

Here are some more great things that writing a newsletter for a living will do for your life:

-You'll become more worldly and sophisticated.

-Your brain will become more receptive.

-Your horizons will broaden.

-You will amaze your friends with your new knowledge.

-If you already have a business, you can increase your income.

-You'll be important, be liked, make loads of money and have loads of free time.

It's a great, great business!

What You'll Need To Start Doing Right Now, TODAY!"

Because you have taken this course, I am assuming you want to write a newsletter and successfully market it. Sorry to state the obvious but I have to make sure this is what you really want before I go any further.

To achieve anything in life, you must take some time to set goals. Obviously you're still going to have to put in some effort to get what you want, but by setting goals you make this process become almost automatic.

When you set a goal, it's like you've set up a 'you' magnet. This 'magnet' will pull you towards it like magic. I cannot stress enough the importance of setting goals. Do not underestimate the power of this technique.

Basically, what you do is write down the goals you want to achieve by a certain date. Then you read these out to yourself regularly. Here are two goals to start you off, assuming you are serious about writing a newsletter...

By the (X months from today's date), I will have completely finished writing 3 issues of my newsletter for (Your idea).

By the 30th December (2 Years from today's date), my net assets will be in excess of (Any amount of money which you believe you are worth)

Goal number 1 will propel you to write the best newsletter you can imagine. By using this goal and this course together I can definitely guarantee (beyond doubt) that you will have completed this task by the date you put. It is because I want you to succeed that I strongly advise you set this goal.

Goal number 2 will propel you to think of ways to get the amount of money you have put. Don't be shy on the amount of money, but you must believe that you're worth it.

Think of this exercise as one of your assignments. Don't worry about the why's and the where fore's, just do what Daniel son did in Karate Kid, get on and do it without question. You'll be extremely glad you did.

If you would like to know more about goal setting, I would highly recommend you get the book 'The Midas Method' by Stuart Goldsmith. (ISBN 1 871379 008) Read this book, put all the techniques into practice and watch your life take a turn for the better! It's only about £12 and you can get it from Amazon.co.uk. Failing that, contact me and I will let you borrow mine.


Ron has worked as an Consultant for a number of Printers, Print Management and Publishing companies. Previously he worked as a Major Account Manager for a Government Agency in the communications sector. Ron has steered many companies towards the understanding and power of  Mass Comuunications.

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