Team Dysfunction? Perhaps, the Prescription is a PEP Pill!

"PEP" stands for Personnel Exchange Programand is particularly suited for organizations that have multiple touch points with the customers and or the need for smooth transitions between sales and service operations. If you continually find yourself, as a CEO or HRD manager, brought into find common ground and solutions between departments and/or have a need for your team to work together on core initiatives and projects, PEP may very well be your prescriptionand the pivot point for developing individual performers into a highly successful and synergistic team.

Here's briefly how the program works:

  1. Each Department/Area nominates a PEP Ambassador and a PEP Traveler. Since nomination for either position is considered a reflection of high performance, the program serves a motivational purpose in addition to a cross training and quality tool.
  2. A period of time (1 day - 1 week) is designated in the organization for the PEP program/campaign to minimize work disruption and insure energy and success of the exchange program.
  3. PEP Ambassador's are required to plan and execute an agenda that will maximize understanding of their area by the PEP traveler from another area. The PEP program may also focus on a particular target initiative such as improving inter-department cooperation, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy or improving overall customer service.
  4. PEP travelers are required to complete a journal that includes observations of what they learned in the exchange and recommendations for targeted improvements/inter-department cooperation. A master template for the journal and orientation is "key" to the program's success. Travelers are also required to deliver a presentation to their department on what they learned in the exchange.
  5. Kick-Off and Orientation to PEP Ambassador's and Travelers is typically undertaken by the Team Leader in conjunction with HR to insure focus and attention to the program. Orientation includes an evaluation of Ambassadors and Travelers for program quality.
  6. A wrap-up and debrief of the PEP program provides identified initiatives and a certificate provided to participants.


Rosemary Rein, Ph.D is an International Training and Development Consultant and Director of which hosts Leadership and Innovation Training for Executive Teams around the world. She also hosts a Learning Retreat Center in tropical Costa Rica. Rosemary is the Author of "Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life" and "Blueprint for Success." Contact Rosemary at, or at, and www.worldleadershipandinnovat...

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