Seven easy ways to promote a new product or service

In today’s global economic slowdown, marketing budgets are being stretched, slashed and eliminated. Companies are often looking for effective and cost-effective ways to deliver a message about a new product or service.

Here are seven quick and easy ways to tell your story to clients, suppliers, colleagues and associates – without breaking the bank.

1) Email. Send a short email message announcing your new product or service. Be sure to include the proper salutation; and try to personalize each message. Your call to action might be “Call or email me for more information.”

2) Telephone calls. Telephone calls may seem outdated in this Facebook and Twitter era. Pick up the phone and talk to someone in real time, or leave a message. People still take calls and listen to their voice mails.

3) Post a blog. Post an article on your own blog, or offer to write a guest post on someone else’s blog. If you aren’t familiar with blogging yet, bring yourself up to speed on this popular phenomenon. Blogging is quick, easy and inexpensive.

4) Networking groups. Announce your product at a networking group or Chamber of Commerce meeting. These organizations often allow members to speak briefly on a topic of their choosing. This is a golden opportunity to deliver a message to a receptive audience.

5) Postcards. Include a postcard promoting your new product in the next round of invoices that you send out. You’re not paying extra for postage, and the message may prompt a positive response.

6) Query a business editor. Suggest an article about your product to the business editor at a newspaper or magazine. Business editors are always looking for story ideas, and your unique new product may trigger a story idea. An article written in the newspaper could even be incorporated into your marketing materials.

7) Update your web site. Post a short press release or product announcement on the “News” or “What’s New” section of your website. You could even post a video demonstrating the product and discussing its features and benefits


Ross Fattori has more than 25 years' sales and marketing experience in newspapers and in the publishing industry. Throughout his career, he has served clients in the automotive, retail, real estate and manufacturing sectors by composing winning copy and designing dynamic ad layouts, brochures, direct-mail pieces and newsletters. Mr. Fattori is also journalist who has written extensively for newspapers, magazines and specialized publications across Canada. His writing credits include The Toronto ...

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