Success Factors: How Murdoch Became a Magnate

“I'm a catalyst for change,” says Murdoch. “You can't be an outsider and be successful over 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place.”

Murdoch’s success was never a sure thing. He was considered a lazy alcoholic with a penchant for nothing but partying. How did he turn his reputation around and become one of the most well known, albeit controversial media moguls in the world today?

He Never Held Back: Besides working hard and putting in the long hours that he did, Murdoch was willing to do whatever it took to succeed. From fighting the law to switching citizenships, Murdoch had no qualms about taking whatever steps were necessary to reach the top. For this reason, he may be both loved and hated around the world, but his dedication could never be questioned.

He Didn’t Listen To Others: “I’m now convinced of my own immortality,” Murdoch jokes. The London Evening Standard reported that Murdoch’s 1986 move of his production facilities to a non-union plant in Wapping was “the biggest union-busting operation in history.” Murdoch was never one to follow the trends, to maintain the status quo or to do things just because everybody else was. To the beat of his own drum, Murdoch marched right on to the top.

He Was Innovative: “The world is changing very fast,” says Murdoch. “Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” Despite being seen by many as out of touch with the times because of his age, Murdoch demonstrates time after time his ability to not only spot opportunities in the future but to take advantage of them before anyone else. “We monitor everything,” he says, and it is in doing so that he stays on top of his game.

He Is Hands-On: If you work for one of Murdoch’s companies, you will have grown accustomed to either seeing or hearing from Murdoch on a regular basis. He does not sit in his office and simply think about future opportunities. Murdoch actively engages in each and every one of his businesses, which not only demonstrates appreciation to his staff but also allows him to ensure that they are all on track.

He Surrounds Himself With The Best: Murdoch likes to hire people like himself – dedicated, hardworking, and ready to take risks. He also cultivates an environment that nurtures his staff and encourages them to move up in the company. Murdoch thus ensures high company stability and loyalty.

“Maybe I’m too selfish,” Murdoch tells his friends. “As long as my brain and my body are ticking over, I just love it.” With no plans to retire, Murdoch continues to hold the reigns at the top of his company and with much success. Few other personalities have the same global reach, vision and impact as Murdoch has over the past 30 years. “News – communicating news and ideas – is my passion,” he says, one that he continues to devote his life to in the unique way that only Murdoch knows how.

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