Failing to implement is what holds you back in business

Failing to implement is what holds you back in business and is easier to do than to implement ideas, let me explain further... There are thousands of people that have great ideas that remain as ideas and this is not just in the business world. Ideas that remain as an idea will never make you money and will stop you from moving forward in your business and in your life. The real problem here is the ‘Fear of Failure', which is a real issue for most people and in most cases the fear is no more than an obstacle in your way.

You need to think in a positive way and have confidence in yourself and in your ideas and take the risk. If you are a business owner then you took the initial risk of going it alone, so don't let your present fears stop you from moving forward. If you have an idea for a business or if you are thinking about buying a business and you are ‘Frightened of failure' you are normal, but you need to confront this fear.

So long as you have done your homework and your research into your new venture then why not simply take the next step forward - think about the worst case scenario and if this is not all that bad, then why not try it. In most cases the fear you had will be shown up for what it is and that is an irrational obstacle that was totally unfounded.

To try and understand this a bit more it is worthwhile you understanding how your mind works. There are essentially two thought processes, which are ‘Logical Thinking' and ‘Emotional Thinking'.

Where these two thought processes are in conflict, emotional thoughts will always win the day and your logical thought will always succumb to those more powerful emotional ones. Let me explain this by way of a common example. There are thousands of people that are terrified of flying, which is an emotional response to flight. When you look at this logically; flying is still one of the safest forms of transport, so you are more likely to be killed in your car on the way to the airport than in the plane going to your final destination!

It is possible to overcome this problem in business or in life by forming positive emotional images of the idea in your mind. Imagine the business working well and of how your life will be once you have implemented the idea or purchased the business. Use emotions rather than trying to defeat your fears using logical thinking, as this will be more powerful and ultimately more successful.


I am an entrepreneur having started, bought and sold businesses since 1990. I have also advised hundreds of business on how to set up a business, how to grow a business and improve profits and how bext to structure a business. I now run, amoungst other things, a Business Blog and have just launched a Business Forum (We always welcome ne...

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