Some write about 3 ways to increase profit

There seems to be a lot written about 3 ways to increase profit in business, but we consider there to be 7 ways to increase profits or "7 ways to grow your business". The 3 known ways to increase profit are:

- Increase the cost to the customer/client or in other words put up your prices.

- Increase the number of customers you cater to (and I like to add to this - of the type you want to deal with).

- Sell more often to customers you already have.

These are just three ways to increase your profits, but if you want to learn the other 4 ways and to get your hands on a great piece of "Profit Increase Software" then click this link.

When world economies are tough and during this credit crunch you need to look at every way to stay ahead of other business competition. It is "Survival of the Fittest" and for the sake of a minimal investment you could be upping your profit by tens of thousands of Pounds or Dollars, with out a huge investment.


I am an entrepreneur having started, bought and sold businesses since 1990. I have also advised hundreds of business on how to set up a business, how to grow a business and improve profits and how bext to structure a business. I now run, amoungst other things, a Business Blog and have just launched a Business Forum (We always welcome ne...

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