Be on time

A secretary of George Washington once excused himself for being late. He said that his watch was too slow. Washington said, "You must get a new watch or I must get a new secretary." If one individual is habitually 10 minutes late, an entire work day is wasted in less than ten weeks. Before the calendar year is over, that person will have wasted a week of work.

If just three people in the same department did this, 3 weeks of work would be missing.

Team exercise:

  • "If you were a business owner, how would you feel about these associates?"
  • "Would this conduct affect customers?" "How?"
  • "Would this affect co-workers?"


Russell DeWitt is a Program Developer & Trainer for a distinguished Medical Group in Indianapolis, IN. He holds a Bachelors in Youth Ministry & Bible. Russell will have his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University this August. Russell is author of the eBook Three R's to Achievement, which is available at Russell spent fourteen years speaking at youth camps, retreats, banquets, & other functions. Russell joined Corporate America in 1997. Here he served as a help...

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