Give the customer more than what is asked

Over the telephone, a customer says, "I'm going to be arriving after hours. Is your parking lot well lit?" The representative replies, "Yes, Ma'am, it is. Let me encourage you to go ahead and call us when you are a few minutes away and we'll have one of our associates meet you. He'll be wearing our red colored company shirt with our logo." A concierge receives a request from a customer for some coffee. The concierge provides coffee and brings two cups, not one, to the customer's room.

At an auto parts store, a customer approaches the counter holding five quarts of motor oil. Upon purchase, the associate says, "Sir, I'm going to add a disposable funnel in your bag. Have a great day!"


  • Why would the representative answer the parking lot question in the described manner?
  • Why would the concierge provide two cups when one person is checked in to the room?
  • Why would a disposable funnel be automatically included with an oil purchase?
  • What do these three scenarios have in common?
  • How can these commonalities be applied where you work?
When another meets an unspoken need, it says, "I have made the effort to know you." "I want to serve you." "I care about you." "You are worth my time and effort." This shows going beyond the call of duty, and that is Service Excellence!


Russell DeWitt is a Program Developer & Trainer for a distinguished Medical Group in Indianapolis, IN. He holds a Bachelors in Youth Ministry & Bible. Russell will have his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University this August. Russell is author of the eBook Three R's to Achievement, which is available at Russell spent fourteen years speaking at youth camps, retreats, banquets, & other functions. Russell joined Corporate America in 1997. Here he served as a help...

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