If You Canít Solve the Problem, Manage It

Opportunities and challenges for business leaders abound. Finance, operations, people, sales and marketing all need to focus on continuous dynamic management issues, some more than others depending on circumstances. However, all too often we see major issues, really tough, the business is mainly avoided by a simple or obvious solution because he or she can not seem to find. Unfortunately, this issue leads to avoidance unfulfilled expectations, frustration and hopelessness, which in turn leads to more avoidance and a great deal of unresolved issues - can be a vicious cycle. Sound familiar? If so, here are some simple to do so you can stay away from this vicious cycle are suggestions in mind. Accept reality

Let's face it. Reality stinks sometimes. But running an operation or business, the cruel fact that some problems can be solved. They can only be managed. This means that you understand and play the cards you are dealt. Wishing things were different (lack of attention) of your most precious assets, their time is two and a complete waste of your energy. Now this does not mean second best for you, all is not accepted. It just means that you clearly identified the limitations and drawbacks of their environment and then how best to work within this set. To do this, first identify what you think you can not ask yourself why and if your answer is based on fact or speculation. If the speculation, and to ask you some questions - to be brutally honest. Other's identity, and you have to do similar tasks can find ways to build - that amount. Third, take personal responsibility for creating better conditions even if you do not solve it now - blaming someone or something could sticking your head in the sand only.

Progress not perfection

Silver bullets and magic wands in business, no one's job does not even exist. The most important challenges and opportunities, or at least a systematic approach to solve complex and multifaceted needs. For example, a systematic approach that can not resolve your problem immediately, but to get you quickly can be accomplished in four phases will be moving towards a resolution. A, specific actions you can take regarding the problem is a checklist. Two, solicit input from others on your checklist. Three, your actions in the priority list and scheduled for execution dates for each item. Four at a time before moving on to the next meeting focus on one item.

Take Action

Managing a contact sport and therefore requires a good deal of action. If your issue not resolvable in the short term, although important, you still know it to specific tasks so you can build momentum for future resolution needs. Once you've determined what you can do based on the steps listed above, it is time to execute. Some form of action to take today, tomorrow, next week, next month and decide. Action regardless of the effect of constant size and take action and you soon into a very manageable situation unresolvable problem that must change.


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