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Leadership in management theory, different types of thought developed over time with their own lines. Each theory effectively an organization provides a model of steering. The article's lead - and the principles discussed pros and cons of a comparison between people in business management implements. The Business Leadership contains the three basic principles. There are many more specific theory is that these three people, which led to a coherent whole and have developed the basic principles of management are present in the mixture. Leadership: Theory Pros & Cons - Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership principle, which is the most comprehensive and commonly used in most organizations. This transaction, or an employee of an organization and between followers and leaders made or deals between the based. A transactional leadership is based on a carrot "and" philosophy of sticking with a clear chain of command as a military. In short, it is an organization that are running through reward and punishment is a proven methodology to get things done! If one is familiar with Maslov's hierarchy of needs, one will understand that the behavior of the theory of leadership people, whose needs (in the bottom half of the pyramid will work on food, shelter, safety) are not satisfied. transactional leadership are the following basic assumptions:

* Rewards and punishments are the things that motivate people.

* A clear chain of command to run an organization works best

* Once employees agree to work, they are entirely in the hands of managers. That is, they give the manager full authority.

* Once they complete a license manager, said as employees do. To return an employee who is awarded by the substantial amount of work to demand management, should follow.

Pros: This method cases where it applies in most of the works have provided staff, are motivated by rewards. It is a proven strategy of compliance, which is best if the leader works in the top hierarchy of the most capable of making important decisions and a strong personality.

: A powerful and vocal transactional model will find its way of running things conducive to the opposition leader. However, although it will cause great followers, it will stunt their development as leaders. When people get used to getting what they are saying and they just said is just as much, he box 'thinking out of the stop. Original thinking is not really promoted in the system, because that is, the lack of imagination will be created with a compliant workforce. The new leaders are hard to find stratas will lower the power hierarchy. This leadership model will create a stressful work environment. Productivity will be maintained on the innovations and breakthroughs will be hard to find.

Leadership: Theory Pros & Cons - Transformational Leadership

Before we go into transformational leadership - Pros and Cons, the basic ideas of this theory we go. Transformational leadership theory as a more humane militaristic leadership than transactional theory. It believes in inspiring employees to work through the examples and a leader of great force of personality. The theory that people high growth through positive motivation than negative motivation. It is a principle which needs leadership that is self-actualization Maslov's hierarchy of needs for more than one person has called! Basic assumptions of the theory of transformational leadership are:

Prime impression that people willingly follow a leader who will inspire them *.

* Vision and passion of a man changing his followers, and together they can achieve great things.

* Energy and enthusiasm are working for the tonic.

Pros: This model effective leadership and innovations to create an enthusiastic work environment will drive with the organization. The fact that people are working through self-motivation, of course would guarantee high production and efficiency. This naturally will develop future leaders with a lot of followers. People work for a leader, even if monetary and other benefits offered are low, because they will be inspired by his vision.

Cons: The theory is based entirely on the ability of the leader, the task force to encourage leaders within organizations have put their best to the character of the force can not be achieved.

Leadership: Theory Pros & Cons - situational leadership

A leadership theory which says that neither a transactional leadership model, nor a transformational model of leadership in all situations and will work all the time. Philosophy of a leader flexible enough to adapt to conditions and time change should be. We practice and transformational leadership requires a blend of techniques to get worked. Situational leadership theory behind the basic idea is that a strategy must adapt with the changing situation!

Pros: situational leadership model and the transformational model good behavior and so adopts a world better suited to the constantly puts new leadership challenges. There might be some followers who will work transactional theory and transformational theory means something that can be inspired by. A mixture of both techniques will work better.

Cons: constant over time with varying strategies, it is difficult to be a leader will find new strategies to implement. A long-term vision can elude him because of constant change.

Leadership - Management Principles pros and cons are discussed here based on research conducted by think tanks all over the world. Hope, Pros and Cons of leadership theories discussed here, the virtues and defects of each one of these principles, enlightened leadership. Leadership - styles pros and cons each person who heads an organization and should be studied by people's dreams.


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