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Precise definition of all organizational aspects of leadership and leadership as the most relevant aspect that can be can depend on the situation. Taking into consideration the situation of various leadership theories are produced by students, behavior, power, charisma, intelligence and function. We take a look at leadership theories and models. Read more about effective Leadership theory Great Man Theory

A leadership theory that the great man theory books frequently various leadership states that there are two basic beliefs, that leaders are born and not made, and the other coming when there is a notion that great leaders data needs.

The principle involved in an initial research study of great leaders who had been developed. Early leaders came from the privileged class and held hereditary titles. Much lower than the lower class people had the opportunity to take a lead. Great man theory was based on the idea that leadership is needed there, a great person and solve problems would arise. When the great man theory was proposed, most of the leaders were men and therefore, gender issues were not negotiable. The researchers were men who "being the great man theory" was the principle reason for the name.

Trait theory

An important leadership principles in education, leadership qualities theory assumes that leaders who inherited her qualities of leadership appropriate to these people make. Many politicians say that people who can fully express themselves while others, and it's not what makes them different from other people. A leader has the right combination of traits that makes him a good leader. Read more on leadership and management.

When the principle was clear, this study was based on the characteristics of successful leaders. The researchers also an assumption made that if people found the leadership qualities, they will become leaders. While researching, some symptoms and characteristics listed. John Gardner of North American leaders have researched and listed the features and characteristics of leaders. These symptoms are:

* Based on intelligence and operations decisions

* Physical stamina and an important driving force

* Qualification Task

* Better understanding of followers and their demands

* Avidness to accept responsibilities

* The ability to deal with people

* Ability to motivate people

* Reliable

* Conclusiveness

* Flexibility

Here are some qualities and characteristics of leadership. When this theory was first researched, researchers believed that a leader is that all the listed symptoms / her. This principle means that the same leadership qualities to lead a war on the field are applied and lead a school. However, if a person has these symptoms and is not everything, it is possible to be a leader he is! In addition to this question, there was a problem again led by a penis. Even if you create a detailed list of leadership traits, these attributes are defined taking into account a male leader. The new leadership has called the theory lead to behavior theory.

Behavior Theories

After featuring the theory, researchers have begun exploring the behavior of leaders and leadership qualities that supposedly inherited properties and are created, they can be learned and mastered by anyone. Thus, the theory that leaders are not born, leaders can be created and then it became a popular management theory and practice of leadership. Practice in theory, you with that particular leader's action is needed to assess a successful leader. Is assessed as a successful leader, failure is a leader, so evaluation, a second aspect of this theory was created. Leadership theory and styles, which were clearly than before, remained the basic leadership ideas. While researching, and these patterns of behavior patterns were found, according to leadership styles were created. With four styles of leadership behavior are based on the principle:

Concern for people

As the name suggests, this style of leaders who led their followers and their needs solving problems, problems of development and characteristics of care aimed at the shows. Leader of the people as their priority concern always will strive for the betterment of their people or followers.

Work concerns

Working with the leaders and their achievements and the concern is focused on productivity levels. In addition, work style to worry about people's ability to organize and arrange activities reflects, in order to meet the desired objectives and goals.

Directive leadership

This leadership style and followers could be pivotal to their decision to act in accordance with expected features including the ability of leaders.

Lead partner

Unlike the directive leadership, participative leadership leader and his followers together by sharing ideas and decisions take a decision.

Situational leadership theory

A relatively little known principles of situational leadership theory leadership. Researchers found that leaders emerged as a result of various situations. Therefore, researchers assumed that leadership qualities were developed based on the situation. However, there are those who believe that different styles of leadership are changing the situation. There are three basic things in a situational leadership, the thing that should be healthy relations between followers and leaders. Leaders and followers like him / her goals should support. The second thing that is known for work that must be completed, and according to the leader must set goals to be served. With tasks to be accomplished, methods and standards for completing the task should be specified in detail, as this will make an impact on followers. The third thing that is important is that the leader of the organization responsible for providing work, as this will strengthen the position of leader should. Read more on the theory of leadership: the pros and cons.

Transactional Leadership Theory

As the name suggests, this theory led to the fact that business relies on one thing for another thing. Transactional leader knows what he wants and work output expected to ensure that their followers to perform well. When the expected output is accomplished by the organization's people, leaders reward money and the promise of the future should those efforts. Moreover, leaders of the people immediately see that self-interests are met with appropriate work should. This means that people need to be catered by the fact that his work with the leader being. Read more about the qualities a good leader.

Transformational theory

Transformational leadership theory, the notion that people are motivated by leaders and leaders should be passion about his leadership. The followers of the enthusiasm and energy is a great way to put work. In short, people are encouraged and turned into potential followers. Read more about transformational leadership.

Leadership Styles

There are various styles of leadership is a huge difference. There is a leadership style which completely unlike an army bus and the other is a little intimidating. These are some basic yet effective leadership styles will help you understand what is leading.

Autocratic leadership: autocratic leadership style is old school. The dictatorship had been previously mentioned military type with a touch of style. In this style of leadership, the leader's word is law and a "t to be followed '. This method of link loss on one hand that some situations are far too low morale of workers, etc., Hitler's followers after the revolt of this style of leadership is effective in as many as needed.

Democratic leadership: leadership of a democratic leadership styles are different. The style encourages team work where the decision is a collective task leadership style, the verdict is taken into account .. Damage caused by the above method are rules in this style of leadership. This style is also known as interactive leadership style. John F. Kennedy as an example of a democratic leader.

Laissez-faire leadership: The French word to mean "let it be" means. Under the leadership style, leader tasks to accomplish leaves individuals. Leaders set goals and goal setting himself in the hands of individuals leaves. This form of leadership from leaders and followers more freedom involves minimal intervention. On the negative side, led many to take advantage of this kind tend to form. Some believe that Ronald Reagan practiced this type of leadership skills.

Leadership theory

Leadership theory and leadership principles of progress and evolve with time. Lets well known principles which define what leadership is very kind of people has changed take a look at some.

Transactional Leadership: This theory of leadership style is characterized by a soldier. This result oriented, failing to achieve results is highlighted by the reward and punishment. In this theory, a direct chain of command.

Functional: Leadership According to this theory, motivation and team leader is responsible for the task. Because of this characteristic, it is similar to the leadership team. As a group the team has achieved this goal, leaders are called to lead the team well. The theory works through these three aspects: a whole, individually and as a team to accomplish the task.

Status: According to this school of thought leadership, technology leadership is a set which is effective in all situations. Advocates that every situation is different and thus, leadership strategies also need to change accordingly.

Leadership Characteristics

If we look at different leadership skills, we will realize how leadership and management are interrelated. An organization and as a team feel as good leaders are included. Finally, a good leader qualities of shape team performance. A leader must be honest and diligent. He needs to set an example for your team, so it is important that honesty and fairness in its actions displays. Prudential representative and he should not burden his work with his subordinate. Efficient enough for a leader should be a sound decision. A key leadership qualities that a leader is to motivate the team and the morale of his team to a peak capacity should possess.


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