Financial Independence using The Internet

Tuesday, September 3, 2009 -Financial Independence Using The Internet-

"Walking 100 miles begins with the first step". The first 2-3 feet followed by the next. So on and so on. As long as one keeps taking steps on a consistent basis, one will arrive at ones destination.

My destination is financial independence. What that term means to me is first and foremost having my house paid off, while still having money left over. That means that I owe not one dollar to any banks or mortgage companies. My house is where I live with my wife and children. It is our base, our shelter, our sanctuary, our physical foundation that is vital for us to flourish, grow and love in this life journey we are on. To be paying vastly disproportionate sums of interest compared to principle is completely absurd and in reality a form of financial bondage. Yet, in our society, it is common practice, unquestionably accepted by most. I can not change society, but I can change myself. I see the first part of my financial independence destination as never having to pay, or give of my self to so much wasteful, interest in order to keep and protect something which is so vital and important to my family's quality of life and well being! I can represent that happening with an actual number on paper! I know the number! It's a rather large one! I also need to do this much, much sooner than later. Who knows when life's ride is over? I see myself doing this at 12 months! The reason I can see this and believe it can happen is because, I have met, seen and spoke to people all that have done this! One thing these people all have in common is that they are all experiencing self employment using the internet. They are real, sincere and capable individuals. I am too! They are in my opinion becoming or have already become wealthy using the internet. The first part of being wealthy for me is paying my home off! There is a common principle in life that I know for a fact is true! "You become most like the people you surround yourself and associate with." Yes, you got it!! That is exactly what I am doing. I'm even going to be hanging out with these folks for a week this November. They already have achieved my idea of financial independence or are far ahead on the trail. I now have a system to follow! I' m at the beginning of the trail or path. I'm looking at the North Rim (the opposite side) of my canyon. I've taken the first few steps already, 2-3 feet at a time. I'm on the trail to financial independence! I see that I can have wealth while having peace of mind at the same time! You can too!

Thank you,

Sam Assil


Self employed, entrepreneur, father and husband who left a 25 year career as a veteren Real
Estate Broker to pursue the Lucrative world of internet marketing. My passions include freedom, the outdoors, sports, people, adventure and being to be able to live the life of my choice and dreams. My mission is to become more empowered and financially independent in today's world and to lead others to do the same! Beneficial...

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