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Thursday, September 24, 200

By the fact that you are reading this article shows that you are committed to becoming more than you already are. Great leaders understand that they too need to consistently learn, grow and improve themselves. It is not possible to humanly know everything about the position or the business you are in. What I’m talking about here is the position of being a leader. This position might be called CEO, president, boss, director, team leader or even father or mother.

As a leader you are in a position of authority. You have followers that are looking to you for guidance, and direction. In business, your followers need to be able to share your vision. It’s vision that also leads the leader. Your vision of success needs to be clearly defined and clearly seen in your minds eye. Great leaders not only outline there success plan physically, but they also spend time visualizing the successful outcome they are heading towards. “What we think about most is what we ultimately get”, this is common knowledge taught by the most respected success trainers in our world today. Spending time seeing, hearing, feeling and even smelling, successful outcome before you get there is a key factor to getting there! Actually close your eyes and tune in your senses to that point or place you desire to be. Spend some quiet time each day doing this. It doesn’t have to be a lot, consistency is more important. Place yourself in the state of having already achieved your outcome. Really feel and experience it. This will ultimately be the fuel or energy that strengthens and leads a clear path to your outcome.

This is how a vision can really be burned into place. This is how a leader can see the path to stay on. This is how a leader can stay driven. Great leaders do this consistently.

To be a Great leader in free enterprise, you need to have followers. Your followers have to be able to share your vision of success. Great leaders are able to build and maintain a following or team due to a common vision they share. This shared vision needs to be recognized at the beginning or in the foundation of the mission for growth and development to have a chance to succeed. The goal or successful outcome will very difficult, if not impossible, be reached. Great Leaders realize that they must inspire and strengthen their team’s collective vision consistently. They are able to do this because their followers were attracted to the! They signed on out of their own free will. They too want to reach that vision of success. They need help in doing this. They see you as an example of that success because you see yourself as such. This is one way a leader can inspire others to become more than they already are. Be the person you see yourself as in your vision, before you get there! Your followers will see that in you and aspire to be there with you. They will be willing to follow your directions and advice. If you have a model or outline that leads to the successful vision, outcome, or goal, they will be more able to stay the course and arrive at the destination with you.

Visualization is one of the best exercises that I have learned to do over my years of self education. I have witnessed the great power in doing this really simple and actually quite fun exercise, first hand. I am committed to becoming more than I am. I’ve been that way for quite for quite some time. Especially at those times in life when I haven’t been the most happy at where I was! I first learned about the power of visualization from a gentleman by the name of Anthony Robbins. He is one of the foremost coaches and trainers in the science of successful mind conditioning today. He is one of the most sincere and greatest leaders that I am following. Thank You very much Tony.

So practice visualizing on a daily basis to insure that you as the leader will stay the course. Burn that vision of successful outcome in your minds eye. You team will then become all the more inspired to follow your guidence and direction. Your successfull out come will then be, all the more assured.

Thanks for your time. The best to you always!

Sam Assil


Self employed, entrepreneur, father and husband who left a 25 year career as a veteren Real
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