How to Promote Your Product for a High Conversion Rate

Product Page

Your e-commerce website product page will make or break your conversion rate. The product page needs to capture the visitor’s attention and convince them to convert into paying customers. Fantastic images and detailed descriptions are definitely important areas to consider, but they are not the only things that have the potential to push up your sales turnover.

A product page needs to be innovative, informative and effective, to make it captivating for visitors.

Listed here are some elements to help you do just that!

Product URLs

A visitor, who has decided to buy an item online, has literally got thousands of options, and will more than likely run a Google search, looking for links to the desired product. Your product URL should be specific, and take visitors straight where they want to be, and not on a run-around through various brands available. The URL should give users a clear indication of where they will land.

Product Titles

Titles are important for search engines as well as your target audience. A page over-full with keywords could discourage visitors and possibly send them away. So keep it simple, and keep titles brief, attractive and catchy, to increase the number of clicks.


Use only the best, clear, high-resolution images, to generate interest in your visitors for your product. The better the image, the easier it will be for the visitor to see what he will be spending money on. Try and use images of the same size. It looks good, and allows a web user to zoom in for a closer look.

Product descriptions

Create unique, informative, well-written product descriptions which will encourage visitors to convert into paying customers. A copy of a product description from a manufacturer’s website is a big no-no! There is a real danger of it killing your conversion rates. Either spend some time designing your own product descriptions for each of your products, or if this is not possible, hire a freelancer who is talented in this field. Always make sure the descriptions are SEO friendly, to give you a good chance of ranking high.


There are mixed feeling on the value of a review page. Most people just don’t leave reviews, and if you have an empty review page, it can be something of a death knell. But on the other hand, a favourable comment or an unsolicited review, could add value to your product. You could possibly add these in a strategic position on the relevant product page.

Quantity and colour selection

Be sure to provide quantities and colours available for purchases. Many visitors regard this as essential information.

These are just some ideas to bear in mind when creating or improving a product page. The ideal product page should always be fully informative, without a lot of fluff, and present little or no frustration for your visitors. Concentrate on enhancing user experience to make it as pleasant as possible when they visit your e-commerce website.

Happy editing and optimisation!


I am an entrepreneur, a writer, SEO, and a digital marketing expert with a digital healthcare start-up in the UK. I am passionate about bogging on all things digital marketing, SEO and health tech. You can follow my health blog here.

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