The Foundation of Website Design

#1 - Content: Great website content is designed to be compelling and meaningful for the appropriate target audience.

#2 - Structure and Navigation: The key to designing good website structure and navigation is to consider accessibility. Website visitors should be able to find what they are looking for, easily and quickly, without getting disoriented along the way.

#3 - Visual Design: The role of visual design is to support the overall marketing message of the website. As per the role of content, visual design should be compelling and meaningful for the appropriate target audience.

#4 – Functionality: A functional website provides visitors with the information that they came looking for, while restricting the visibility of the technology that made it possible.

#5 – Interactivity: An interactive website invites visitors to transcend the role of spectator and become an involved participant.

#6 - Overall Experience: A great website offers an experience that visitors will want to return to.


Sandra Bekhor is President of Bekhor Management, a Toronto-based consulting firm that provides marketing and strategic planning services to professional practices and small to mid-sized businesses. A senior marketing professional since 1992, Sandra has guided leading Canadian-based businesses to a new level in the global marketplace with business...

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