Partnership Success Story: A Life Coach Doubles Business in 30 days

Company Profile: True Life Coaching, a sole proprietorship owned by Shandel Slaten. Clients include CEO’s of F50 firms and many small businesses with under 50 employees.


Shandel has grown her business from one client to several dozen in less than twelve months. This growth has been the result of personal referrals from her clientele, the majority of which are CEO’s and entrepreneurs faced with balancing their professional and personal lives. As their personal “life” coach, Shandel helps set, manage and achieve goals for each client, working primarily via fifty minute phone calls once a week.


Lacks formal partnerships, True Life Coaching has grown steadily, but not at Shandel’s desired rate. Furthermore, Shandel’s business plan called for launching group and community coaching forums. This required many more participants than her existing referral network could satisfy.

Value-basis at True Life Coaching:

Shandel’s unique approach to “actions versus talk” has been noticed by several television, radio and independent coaching organizations. Her upbeat “no psychobabble allowed” method of coaching has produced tremendous results for entrepreneurs and executives.

Partnership strategy:

Identify and create marketing partnerships within the Target Market Circle of Influence (BMG trademark), or those firms servicing the same consumer base with the intent of create awareness and demand for personal coaching. Key to this success is working with the clients of the service companies who require life coaching.

Partnership(s) formed:

Joint marketing agreement with Time Access and Focused Training. Time Access is a time management consulting practice assisting individuals and organizations create and implement processes to increase productivity. Focused Training is a employment training and consulting firm that provides seminar and individual based consulting for individuals in the job market. In each partnership, True Life Coaching is the exclusive personal coaching firm. True Life Coaching appears in the literature and is invited to speak at the marketing forums. In return, True Life Coaching recommends each organization to her own client base as appropriate.

Risk factor: Low

Initial investment:

No monetary investment but some time spent on the part of True Life Coaching in developing custom marketing presentations.

Partnership return on investment:

True Life Coaching has doubled its client base in the first thirty days of the partnership and the revenue has quadrupled. Increased visibility and awareness of the new community-based forums that accelerated the launch of the products by three months.

For more information about True Life Coaching, contact: Shandel Slaten at


Sarah Gerdes is recognized as one of the leading partnership experts by Fortune, Inc. Magazine has represented governments, F50 firms and small businesses in forty-five industries. Learn her secrets to jump-starting revenue here.

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