How can you make more of your customers open your emails?

A common mistake is to assume that the fantastic return on investment on email marketing campaigns means miracle results. While open rates vary due to a number of factors, it is unrealistic to expect all your marketing emails to be opened, even when sending to customers that you have a great relationship with. Opening rates are rarely a reflection on your company or campaign, naturally customers simply dont open every email they receive. You can increase opening rates by learning from your first campaigns how to produce emails that appeal more to your customers, however, a track record of sending your customers useful email will have the greatest effect on opening rates. Instead of simply looking for a quick sale, think of your email marketing as a longer term strategy. Most email marketing campaigns will win sales, but if you dont look at the longer term picture too then the success will be limited.

Building a reputation for usefulness and sending your customers emails that bring value will result in longer term relationships and more sales. Industry specific news in your mailers will show clear value to consumers, articles containing tips and advice are also popular. Dont be afraid to draw your customers attention by asking them questions, you can even get them involved in product reviews in many industries. Engaging your customer with a simple survey can have a big influence on their willingness to open future emails from your company. By not simply sending your customers information about offers and promotions, conversely you are actually much more likely to get information about those offers in front of them.

Your mailing list is a key starting point for your targeted email campaign. It might seem obvious, but dont send email to people who dont want to receive it. Getting customers to opt in (rather than opt out) ensures that your target audience are receptive to emails from you. Opening rates will be very measurably higher if you approach email marketing in this way, and you will not be labelled as a spammer.


Sarah Haines enjoys writing articles on a variety of topics, including email marketing. When not working she loves to travel. For more information about making the most of your email marketing, contact RapidShot.

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