Hang Out In Your Genius Quadrant and Have More Energy

Let's talk about the different types of energies involved when you are doing different things in your life and work. Some things give you loads of energy and others seem like a slog to get through. Using work as an example, not everyone can be really good at everything, and some things come more naturally than others.

To help you visualize this, picture a circle (just because I like circles!) and break it into four quadrants. Each quadrant represents your four different competency levels: Incompetent, Competent, Very Competent, and Genius.

Now choose a task and decide where it fits best in relation to you.

For example, I get really excited about Efficiency and how to help organize others so that they can be improve their own business efficiency. So for me, Efficiency would definitely be in the Genius quadrant! I love it, everything flows when I’m doing it, and I have amazing energy when I’m working in relation to it.

On the other hand if I were to use simple data entry as another example, I would probably put it somewhere between the Competent and Incompetent quadrants – I don’t enjoy it, it hurts my eyes, I can do it if I need to, but I feel very heavy by the end of the task. Definitely not much energy flowing there.

With these things in mind, wouldn’t be super interesting to plot most of our daily tasks and see where the majority of them fall? How fascinating! Even without the plotting out, doesn’t it make the most sense to spend as much time as possible hanging out in our Genius quadrant? Think of all we could accomplish with the super abundance of energy!

Now, one way to ensure that you get to hang out in your Genius quadrant when you’re a small business owner is to ask yourself this question: does your personality jive with your business?

Why does it matter whether your personality jives with your small business? Does it even factor in at all? I mean, business is business, right?

I’ve heard of some instances, and even experienced a few cases of my own, where some folks seem to think that Business automatically equals Stuffy.

Ever lame! Of course that’s not the case and here's why: if you are up front about your personality, especially when it comes to your business, then everyone who is thinking of doing business with you will know exactly what and who they are dealing with and whether this is what they want or not. No surprises, no let downs, just the straight goods. Very efficient!

Take your business website for instance – if it accurately reflects your personality then those folks who may think that you are totally nuts won’t even bother taking the time to contact you directly, they’ll simply move on. But, those who like what they see will already know that they want to work with you before they even get in direct contact. Let your website become your litmus test and you’ll never go wrong!

How is this related to business efficiency? Think about it, if you don’t have to waste your valuable time talking with the folks who really won’t jive with your personality you will definitely shorten the initial consultation process and in the end have more time to spend with the clients who love you!

So remember, letting your true personality reflect in your business will ensure that you are working with people you enjoy, as well as help you focus on the tasks that fall into your Genius quadrant. As a result you’ll find you have an abundance of energy and therefore enjoy not only your work but your life in general.


My name is Sarah MacGregor a.k.a. SMac and I am a Canadian Virtual Assistant, CEO of SMac To The Rescue, and Efficiency Expert who teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to increase their business efficiency and get unstuck.  I officially started out as a Virtual Assistant (VA) in 2007. Being insanely organized and an uber planner SMac To The Rescue started off with a bang and it just keeps growing, having now evolved into a Multi-VA practice.

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