Acti-Kare Franchise FAQs

If you would like to start-up your own business, but are worried about making costly mistakes, maybe getting involved with a franchise is the right option for you. With franchise ownership, the early costly mistakes have already been made.

Taking care of senior citizens in their own homes is expected to be a growing opportunity as baby boomers age. Acti-Kare is a franchise that is designed to do just that. Since more and more senior citizens are choosing the option to remain in the comfort of their own home, this type of franchise is in a market that shows great promise.

Before diving into ownership, let’s take a look at five frequently asked questions about franchises, and how they apply to an Acti-Kare franchise:

Question 1: What investment is required?

The cost of the investment range is from $17,000 to $36,000. There is a franchise fee of $12,500. You should have $29,750 in liquid capital available. With the start up cost, you will also be able to use the franchise name, utilize their graphic artist team and their state-of-the-art design center without any other added fee to you. They offer a toll-free number for questions you’ll have along the way.

Question 2: How much money will I make?

The amount of money you make depends on how many people you have working for you and how many clients are paying for your service. At this time, home health care is an $18,000 to $22,000 a year cost to patients.

Question 3: Will I receive training?

Yes you will. You may choose to have training at your location or at Acti-Kare’s home office. You will be supplied with a list of beginning, pre-screened and qualified applicants you can use to initially staff your organization. There is also continuing on-line training for the caregivers.

Question 4: Who will build my location?

With the Acti-Kare Franchise, in most cases, you will not need to have to construct a physical location or rent out office space. This is one franchise that can be operated from your home, keeping expenses down.

Question 5: What locations are available?

There are currently Acti-Kare Franchise locations available in the United States. For more specific information on the availability of this particular franchise, contact Acti-Kare.


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Don Cornelius
3rd August 2014 11:22pm
In terms of location I would love to operate here in St. Croix USVI is it possible?

Salam awarke
22nd September 2015 1:27pm
I am planning to open a non-medical home care but i don't have any experience about this field. I would like to know how can Acti-Care franchise support her franchisees?also how much the franchise cost?explain

Tycin Hughes
6th November 2016 8:16am
What can I do to begin this franchise? I have questions.

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