Choosing the Right Franchise Industry

With all that has happened in recent years, it is no secret that many people are worried about their futures. The economy is unstable, the worth of their homes is declining, college tuition is getting more expensive by the day, and even successful companies have to lay off employees. While this realistic outlook might look bleak, it is actually true that this is the time of opportunity. Entrepreneurs thrive in this economy because they see the holes and they want to fix them. Many investors are looking for the creative people that have innovative ideas, but they want the security of knowing that the business model is proven. Enter franchising.

You may think of franchising and think of opening a Pizza Hut or a Dunkin Donuts, which has a large initial investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars; but there are many other industries with literally thousands of franchises. You could own a vending franchise, like RedBox, or enter the healthcare field with a senior care franchise. The variety of opportunities is vast.

The reasons to start a franchise are also vast. Firstly, you can rest assured that your business model has been tested before you and yielded success. You can inquire with franchisers or other franchisees about what choices were made to ensure success. For instance, what kinds of locations will do better for your franchise? What kinds of employees do you need to look into hiring?

Similarly, owning a franchise often provides you with a safety net, or a support system. Often times, franchisers have established relationships with lenders, real estate agents, and will invest in training for you and your team. If you are deemed an individual with a potential for success, it is likely that they will invest in you. They are counting on you to make the business a success and will commit to making you the best manager/owner that you can be. They can also provide insight into what other franchisees have had to overcome. Knowing about any potential stumbling blocks will help you overcome or avoid them.

Fellow franchisees can also be a great support system for your new business. You can contact one, two, or many of them and interview them. Find out what they have learned while they’ve owned the business and how they’ve done. It will help you to set realistic expectations for yourself.

The possibilities are endless for franchising, and that’s why you need a helpful service to help you narrow down your choices. Franchise Clique has the most comprehensive list of franchises on the web and you can search by initial investment amount, region or industry. Choose the right franchise and the world is yours.


Sarah Snyder is Content Writer for Several Companies.

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