How Much Does a Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise Cost?

fresh healthy vending franchise

The Fresh Healthy Vending franchise puts a new spin on vending machines by offering consumers a quick and healthy snack or drink. This vending franchise is unique because it replaces traditional vending foods like sugary sodas and high calorie chips with healthy alternatives. Yogurt,100% juices, smoothies, soups, fruit, vegetables and granola bars are just a few of the 400 snack and drink options available. Additionally, many of the products are natural or organic. Fitness centers, schools, offices and shopping centers are just a few of the many possible locations for these vending machines.

The Fresh Healthy Vending franchise offers support to its franchisees with training, structured step by step business plans and location specialists who will evaluate and help determine the most profitable location for the machine. They also provide marketing materials and promotional campaigns to introduce the new franchisee to the community through local television and radio. Another plus is that the "Fresh" brand is an already established brand and trademark.

There are four Fresh Healthy Vending franchise packages to choose from as follows:

BRONZE:includes 10 machines for $110,000 plus a franchise free of $10,000

SILVER: includes 15 machines for $162,500 plus a franchise free of $15,000

GOLD:includes 20 machines for $200,000 plus a franchise fee $20,000
PLATINUM: includes 30 machines for $292,500 plus a franchise fee $30,000


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Roschelle Gamale
23rd July 2014 11:03pm
How much a one vending machine cost?

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