Papa Murphy's Building Their Brand

Papa Murphy's, the Vancouver, Washington-based franchise of Take-and-Bake pizza stores, takes advantage of the social media network Facebook as a way to connect with potential and returning customers. Many businesses, including Papa Murphy's, take advantage of Facebook's "Like" feature, as a way to connect with consumers, promote their products, and encourage Papa Murphy's Facebook users to join their e-club.
Facebook makes it possible for businesses like Papa Murphy, to reach the masses without having to spend money on advertising that people don't see. It isn't enough for a business to offer a good product. Successful businesses use social networking to personally connect with potential customers, and give them a reason to want to buy the product. Brand image is crucial for retail food establishments. Papa Murphy's created their brand image when the franchise found its niche. Their image is one of a retail food chain that allows people to order reasonably priced pizzas that are loaded with ingredients, and then come to the store to pick their pies up. The pies come on an oven-proof platter, and are accompanied by cooking instructions.
Everyone likes to save money, and Papa Murphy's franchises connect with regular and potential customers by using Facebook to promote local specials, their eClub, offer coupons, and encourage interaction and discussion on their Facebook page with various incentives. The company built its image as an alternative to eat-in and delivery pizza franchises. Papa Murphy's takes advantage of all of Facebook's capabilities to reach out to consumers, build their brand and create a positive brand image, and by doing all of this, they build brand loyalty, and that makes customers return often.


Sarah Snyder is Content Writer for Several Companies.

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