Papa Murphy's is the Papa of All Pizza Chains

It might make sense to you that Pizza Hut is #9 on Franchise 500 and Papa Murphy's is only #27. But then when you compare the two companies' store numbers, you're shocked.
How many Pizza Huts are there in the United States? "More than 6,000," according to their corporate website.
How many Papa Murphy's are there in the United States? About 1,250.
How is that such a smaller pizza chain is second only to the huge Pizza Hut (arguably, the McDonalds of Pizza).
The answer is simple: Papa Murphy's has a dynamite business plan:With significantly reduced overhead (no conventional ovens, no dine-in option, no delivery) and amazing quality, Papa Murphy's has enjoyed some serious growth in the last few years. The take 'n' bake pizza chain has to credit its great business plan and dedicated franchisees for its tremendous success. Also, the fact that the pizza is significantly more healthy than other pizza chain options, and the fact that the price is only $10-12 (and no tip is required), is helpful.
Papa Murphy's wins on two fronts. They have a loyal fan base who respects the quality of the pies (and are willing to cook it at home themselves). They also have an easier schedule than most pizza places. They do not deliver, so there's no worrying about staying up until 2am to deliver to college students. There is no worry about insuring delivery vehicles. It has often been described as a "utilitarian" pizza chain because it does what is best for the business and what is best for its employees. No people want to stay open until 2am every Friday and Saturday night. They want to be at home with friends and family. Papa Murphy's business plangets it. And that's why they're rocking the pizza world! Check out Franchise Clique for all of your franchising opportunities including industries like restaurants, vending, senior care and more.


Sarah Snyder is Content Writer for Several Companies.

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