How to Choose a PR Firm

1. Ask about their typical successful placement rate in targeted media outlets. Make sure that they aren’t quoting you random websites that pick up their release just because it’s on PRNewswire. A lot of websites run a “new news” section that carries every release that comes across the wire, but I’m sure you don’t care if a bass fishing website carries a release on your product – not exactly your target audience.

2. Ask to see copies of their last three releases. There are a lot of press release distribution websites out there that offer to write a release for you as part of their service. But take a look at their last three issued releases to see how much personal time and attention their clients get. For very cheap distribution services, they probably just plug in the company name and a few key details into a standard release format. As you know, this type of release is very unlikely to get any attention.

3. Ask where they’ve been picked up. It can be hard for an untrained eye to look at a release and tell what its chances are of getting picked up for an article, so ask what media outlets have carried stories that their writers have written. This will give you a good sense of the talent you’re looking at hiring and will be indicative of your chances of PR success.


At No Retainer PR, we believe in helping small- and medium-sized companies get the most out of their PR budgets by using our public relations, press release, and marketing services when they need it, not paying us month after month just to say they have a PR firm. With access to over 25,000 journalists at more than 17,000 media outlets, we can make sure the news you need gets to the publications or broadcasters you want to reach. We'll even write your release for you so you can feel confident...

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