Toot Your Own Horn

1. Do you have a new product announcement for a product that is really new and unique in the market or that changes your industry?

2. Do you have a great image of your product that tells the story of a real situation? A picture is worth 1,000 words or more to editors!

3. Did you win an award? If there's no award for your type of product in your industry, ask customers to rate your product against your competitors.

4. Have you been endorsed by a credible expert or been seen or heard with a celebrity or newsmaker?

5. Does your existing product or service fit well with another upcoming event or current news issue? (See our list of upcoming events on the right!)

6. Do you have interesting statistics to share about your industry or about consumers related to your product?

7. For a company looking to entice investors, have you hit an important milestone or made a major decision (1,000,000 units shipped, hired great new VP of Marketing)?

8. Are you exhibiting at a tradeshow? Editors have to cover their industry's tradeshows and they'll be looking to fill pages with exhibitors' new products.

9. Do you have a new angle for your existing product? We all know how many things you can use duct tape for, but at one time, it was actually just for ducts!

10. And the number on way to be press worthy: Do you have a great story to tell about how your product solved a real life problem for a real life person or company? Editors eat up real stories that look like articles they can use verbatim!


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