Transitioning From an Employee Mindset to a Business Owner Mindset

I have been an employee in America for over 30 years. Most of that time has been spent in the corporate job culture, helping business owners run and build their business. For years I strived to be a good employee. I worked hard and did my best to show companies my value, while helping them grow their business. I became a very valuable asset that business owners utilized and took advantage of. In corporate America, you work hard and do your best for your entire career. You commute, work long hours, ignore your family, acquire excess stress, work to ensure that you keep your job AND that you save for the future of your family and your retirement. All of a sudden you find yourself asking - what am I doing here? And how can I build a better life financially for myself and my family?

This is how I define the employee mindset. You spend most of your time striving to work hard for others while needing to continue to prove your value so they will keep you employed. You think that high taxes come with the territory, and that the government will help you later in life if you don't have enough retirement money saved up. You have heard that Social Security is running out, but figure it won't happen before you need it. You run your 401k in parallel with a volatile stock market with very little financial education, hoping it holds together until you can get to it. You live in fear of losing your job, hoping that if you do you will find another company that will be nice enough to hire you and recognize the value that you bring.

As an employee, I rarely questioned what was right for me and my own business, the corporation of ‘Scott Inc.'. When I started to focus on ‘Scott Inc.', my thoughts were rooted in thinking about my retirement. I was at the nice middle-age of 45. I had some money in my 401k, had some savings, and had lots of consumer debt. As the economic and business worlds moved into turmoil, I started to question how I could ensure a better future for myself and my family. I knew that what I had been doing was no longer working and that I needed to change how I did things. I had to figure out how to become wealthy enough to be independent of corporate America and our government - and to focus on me as an asset to MYSELF.

During this process, I learned that big business owners in America have the biggest tax advantages. They are able to keep more of their money because of how it is made, and then put money from their business into investments that can be tax deferred. With the right investments and strategies, money works for them, not the other way around. Business owners depend on themselves to grow their business and make it thrive - and ultimately control their own destiny. This was the goal I was trying to achieve - be in control of my own destiny.

I made the transition from wanting to change the employee mindset to wanting to become and business owner and entrepreneur - but it took longer to retrain my thoughts to start thinking like a business owner and not an employee. Never having run my own business, I didn't know how to make this transition. I researched everything from my own web design business to making soap to selling products on EBay. I looked into real estate investing quite extensively, but I didn't have a passion for that full time. In numerous places I read that Network Marketing was a good place to start your own business. Good network marketing companies will train you, and they will work with you to help you be successful and move your mindset into becoming an entrepreneur. I thought this would be a good place to start building my own business and become an entrepreneur.

Network marketing is an excellent choice for those ‘employees' that are looking to get out of the corporate rat race and start their own business. It will teach you how to run and manage your own business, how to sell, how to take rejection, and how to be responsible for your own destiny. The product that you sell does not matter as much as the training, the community, the mentorship, and the integrity of the company. You can also do network marketing part time, keeping your day job while you make the transition from employee to business owner. Consider joining a network marketing company to help you move from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset, while gaining control over the future for you and your family.


Scott Ewart currently has a consulting practice built around Internet Marketing and has spent over 25 years as a manager and leader in the corporate world.  He wants to help you start your own business while working from home, allowing you to spend more time with your family and to grow that business into financial independence and personal freedom.  Contact Scott today at and get to know him bett...

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