QuickBooks 2011: Improvement to Closing Date Functionality

QuickBooks 2011 brings you a long-awaited benefit! For years, businesses that have been using the Closing Date feature of QuickBooks (and yours should be if it is not!) have been scratching their heads.

They have been perplexed because QuickBooks would not allow them to modify the following:

* Sales orders

* Purchase orders

* Estimates

without following the Closing Date rules. In many businesses, all of that was far too much hassle, so they completely turned off the Closing Date feature.


Inside the closing date setup in QuickBooks 2011, a new check box exists where your business can exclude sales orders, purchase orders and estimates from the restrictions of the closing date.

This is a great (and much needed) enhancement to QuickBooks. Since none of these transactions post any information to your financial reports, there is no need to have the closing date restrict them. Sales and purchasing departments everywhere will be rejoicing this news!


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