Bookkeepers everywhere now have the ability to keep the boss from wreaking havoc on the work they have done in QuickBooks! You know - the boss that says "I just want to take a look at a few things in QuickBooks" after hours and the one who pleads "not me" when information has been changed within the data file?

QuickBooks Enterprise has a role that is called "View Only" that is the perfect solution for this problem.

Accessed by clicking Company > Users > Set Up Users and Roles, scroll down the role list until you find the "View Only" option.

Just assign this role to the owners account in QuickBooks, or any other account where you prefer they look but don't touch.

This role is NOT available in the Pro or Premier versions of QuickBooks however - just Enterprise.

To learn more about QuickBooks Enterprise, make sure to contact me for details and pricing.


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