The Magic Bullet of Marketing

Marketing on a local level must be a process. Almost all of the restaurant owners, operators and managers I work with in the trenches discuss marketing as an "event" or a "series of events", designed to produce instant sales and instant gratification.

They search for the magic bullet.

The promise of this magic bullet comes as a trojan horse from the advertising sales reps that hammer them with terms like "saturation", "shelf life" and other such sales tactics.These magic bullets begin to get expensive. And any results that come in are very short-lived.

Eventually the truth sets can't purchase a magic bullet for marketing your restaurant, nor is there a short cut to this magic bullet. Ah, but notice- I didn't say there isn't a magic bullet for marketing your restaurant.

Here's your magic bullet- Commit, right now, to building a marketing plan for your restaurant that operates as a process. Stop marketing and advertising by the seat of your pants. Create a local marketing action plan that is based on a logical strategy of identifying targets, networking those targets and measuring the results.

I didn't say it would be easy, nor did I say it would be quick. But if you draft this plan correctly, the tactics will become a regular part of your weekly routine and the results (more customers) will be just as predictable.


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