Video Marketing for Shy Starters. How to do a Video Without You Being on Scene.

In the next few sentences I will give away a simple but very effective Video Marketing strategy. This is perfect for people that find they are terrified of cameras. If a camera with a little red light is aiming at you, you get paralyzed, and forget about everything you wanted to say- KEEP READING. This could give you the perfectbeginning toyour Video Marketing Campaign.

The secret is as simple as turning the camera away from you and aiming it at your desktop. You can use a Screen Capture software to record anything you want from your desktop. In this way you can surf through you programs, business opportunities, or whatever you want to show to your audience withoutbeing on screen yourself. This program will follow all your desktop movements while you explain what you are doing from behind the camera - as if you were a trained and professional movie director.

There are many software programsthatperform this action. The easiest is CamStudio and the best part is that it is FREE.Acquire a good microphone, install it, and hit the big red button to start your recording. Use the “region” tab to adjust the size of your recording area. Play arounda bitand make2 or 3 videos to get comfortable and off you go!!!

When doing your video speak slowly and explain to your audience step by step. Speak as you would explaintechnology you your non-tech-gadget buddy. If you get tongue-tied, slow down and repeat yourself.At the end of your recording tell your audience what to do. This is the “call-to-action” andit could be as easy as "RateMy Video", commentand share on Twitter and Facebook.

Now that you have your video, you just need to upload it to the web. My recommendation is to start with YouTube since it’s easy to learn, use, and share. Write a descriptive headline as accurately as possibleon what yourvideo is explaining. Add a descriptive summary to facilitate the search engines to find your video. And share your video in as many places you have available, like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your Blog, LinkedIn, etc.

With this simple step you can start your Video Marketing Campaign without facing the scary eye of the camera.

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